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Coronation Street Tour

Following Granada Studio’s decision to relocate the Coronation Street set to Media City in January 2014, avid Corrie fans had a time limited opportunity to visit the original street.  The Coronation Street Tour ran from April 2014 through to December 2015 but has sadly now closed & is awaiting demolition for future redevelopment.

For those looking to enjoy a Coronation Street experience, we’ve put together plenty of Coronation Street ideas below that are perfect for true Corrie fans.


The Rovers on Coronation Street

The Rovers taken from the Coronation Street Tour


More Coronation Street Ideas For Manchester

1. The original Coronation Street set was located next door to the Museum of Science & Industry on the corner of Great John Street, Manchester. Whilst plans are firmly set in place to demolish the original set, avid fans may still wish to visit the site where it all started.

2. The new Granada Studios Coronation Street set can be found next door to the Imperial War Museum North within Media City, Salford.

3. Take a stroll around Castlefield, Manchester’s Urban Heritage Park and location to many of Coronation Street’s top stories over the years such as Richard Hillman’s dramatic drive into the canal.  Dating back to the Industrial Revolution, this strip of land is packed with cobbled roads, railway viaducts, canals & tramlines that have frequently lent themselves as the scenic backdrop to many a Corrie conflict.

4. Have a pint in The Old Grapes public house that was formerly owned by Elizabeth Dawn aka Vera Duckworth.  Ideally located close to the original Coronation Street set on Little Quay Street, many a Corrie actor would finish their day of filming with a drink in this authentic British drinking hole.

5. Enjoy afternoon tea at Annies that is owned by Coronation Street actor Jenny McAlpine aka Fizz.  Dine out in style with the champagne afternoon tea package or keep it simple with just a cup of tea whilst keeping an eye out for one of Corrie’s firm favourites.


the old grapes pub a firm favourite for coronation street actors

The Old Grapes Public House


Coronation Street Walking Tours

Manchester Guided Tours run regular Coronation Street walking tours that offers a fascinating insight for ultimate Corrie fans.  We joined a tour a couple of years ago and loved it but you do have to be a true Corrie fan to get the most from this one. Whilst you cannot gain access to the Coronation Street set, you will visit locations that have been part of the show over the years that can include;

  • A visit the pub where it all started, (Sir Ralph Abercromby).
  • A walk around the cobbled Castlefield area.
  • Select restaurants & bars within the vicinity where Coronation Street scenes have taken place.
  • The Midland Hotel that has lent itself as a backdrop for more than one clandestine encounter over the years.

There are plenty of delicious anecdotes along the way to help bring both the show & the Corrie actors to life and was heartily enjoyed by one and all.


Coronation Street Nick's Bistro

Nick’s Bistro on Coronation Street Tours


Coronation Street Tour

The Coronation Street tour took place on the site of the original set on Great John Street, Manchester.  Highlights of the tour included visiting interior sets, including the Rovers, glimpsing into the star’s dressing rooms and of course a walk along the famous cobbled street itself.  Whilst this tour is not long available, we’ve included a few details below for avid fans of the show.

Coronation Street Tour; Highlights

1. Sitting inside The Rovers; whilst it took you a moment to get your bearings, (the perspective is slightly different from your view on the telly), it was amazing to be in The Rovers pulling a pint!

2. Corrie Memorabilia; from Hayley’s coffin to Carla’s wedding dress to Deirdre’s glasses, there was plenty of interesting exhibits housed alongside the the internal sets.

3. Wandering along the cobbled Coronation Street set; fortunately, there were no time restrictions on this part of the tour so you were free to wander up & down the street as you wished.

4. Internal Coronation Street sets; from the Platt’s front rooms to Vera & Jack’s home to Carla’s luxurious living room, a selection of interior sets were available to view.

5. Follow the Corrie Stars; a chance to look around their dressing rooms or make yourself comfortable in the Green Room where Corrie stars learnt their lines or made a cuppa!  There was not a lot of glamour to be found here but avid fans will enjoy the experience.

6. The Corrie Ginnel; plenty of nooks & cranny’s within the external set including the alley-way ginnel, (entrance behind the Rovers), Street Cars that was set back behind the bus shelter or even Sally’s famous conservatory.



Jack & Vera's house on Coronation Street









By Liz Walsh



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  1. colin bridge says:

    can we still go to the site of coronation street and see the site

    • Hi, unfortunately the original Coronation Street set is no longer available for tours. Look out for interesting Coronation Street walking tous run by the city council. We’ve done one of these in the past and found it to be great fun.


  2. Judy Clifton says:

    Hi. Can you bring your dog on the Coronation Street Tour. ? Our one is a Shihzu and we can carry her all the time .

  3. Sarah Collins says:

    Could you tell me which travel lodge/ holiday inn is nearest to the tour please. X

    • Hi Sarah, there is a Travelodge on Blackfriars Street, Manchester that is 0.6 miles away or a Holiday Inn Express, 2 Oxford Road in Manchester 0.8 miles if walking to the Coronation Street tours.

  4. Kim bailey says:

    Can you please let me know if dogs are allowed on the tour? Many thanks

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Kim, my understanding is that unfortunately only assisted dogs are allowed onto the Coronation Street tour:(

  5. we are looking for to it to visit the corrie tour and we might book it and how much it cost and for the coach trips and fred did say thank you for his reply back lov from Sharon and can you reply back ok

    • Hi, unfortunately we are not involved in selling tickets for the Coronation Street tour so you would be best contacting Ticketmaster to check out the costs of a trip, (you can find a link to Ticketmaster in our Coronation Street Tour article). All the best, Liz

  6. Thomas mcmahon says:

    Hi looking for family ticket two adults two childre n for august 13th or 14th

  7. Wendy Davies says:

    Looking forward to our visit next week, but I would like to know if we could bring our little Yorkie with us?

    • Hi Wendy, whilst we are independent of Coronation Street Tours, my understanding is that only assistance dogs are welcome.

  8. eve tindall says:

    Can u please check if dean smith has emailed u for tickets for ur tour on the 11th of august

    • Hi Eve, thanks for your query…unfortunately Topdogdays is independent of all visitor attractions so I think you are best contacting Coronation Street Tours directly with your query. Many thanks.