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Vue Cinema Deals

Saturday & Sunday Odeon Kids Cinema with Free Adult Ticket

Odeon Cinema offers mid morning family movies each Saturday & Sunday with tickets priced around £2.50 a ticket, (tickets range from £1-£3, depending upon the cinema location).

Children are deemed to be between 2 & 12 years old.

More details available at Odeon Kids Club.

Good to know that this Kids Club also runs every day through most of the school holidays too.


Vue Cinema Deals

Weekend Cinema Deals; Vue Cinema from £1.75 per person

Vue Cinemas offer £1.75 cinema tickets for children, (aged 2 to 12 years), and accompanying adults for families movies throughout the year.  3D movies also available from just £3 per person.

Running every Saturday & Sunday, around 10am, plus every day throughout the school holidays. Simply check your Vue cinema for film listings & times.  Additional charges in place for 3D movies.

More details available at My Vue Kids Offer.

Weekend Cinema; Empire Jnrs

Empire Cinemas offer discounted family cinema tickets at the weekend for those with children aged under 12 years.  Ticket prices vary from setting to setting but both adults & children can take advantage of the discounted prices offered.

More details available at Empire Cinemas.

Clubcard Special Promotion on Cinema Tickets

Tesco clubcard vouchers are currently running a special promotion on Odeon & Vue cinema tickets.  This ‘pay in full’ offers 1 cinema ticket for just £2.50 in clubcard vouchers.

More details available at Clubcard Special Promotion.

Tuesday Cinema Deals; Bargain Tuesdays with Cineworld

Participating cineworld cinemas around the UK offer discounted tickets each Tuesday for ALL movies being shown on that day.  If you have any flexibility when planning a visit to the cinema, it can be well worth taking into account mid week saving such as these.

More details available at Cineworld Tuesday Deals.

Cheap Day Ticket at Vue

Tuesday Cinema Deals; Vue Cinemas Tuesday Deal

Selected Vue cinemas also offer discounted tickets every Tuesday when you sign up for Cheap Day Tuesday Membership.

Membership is free and each member can purchase up to 10 tickets in one transaction, (ie not everyone needs to sign up!)  Just remember to sign up in advance as you cannot join and take advantage of cheap cinema tickets on the same day!

You can book cinema tickets either online or at the ticket office.  More details available at Cheap Day Tuesday at Vue Cinemas.

 Empire Cinema; Saver Tuesdays

Tuesdays are clearly one of the best days to visit the cinema as Empire Cinemas offer cheap standard tickets too for all screenings, (some restrictions on availability).  Prices vary from setting to setting so check out your local Empire Cinema for more details.


Wednesday Cinema Deals; Orange Wednesdays

This allows Orange customers to bag 2 for 1 on cinema tickets each Wednesday.  It’s not just cinema tickets either with this deal as Pizza Express offers 2 for 1′s on pizzas too!

More details available at Orange Wednesday 2 for 1 Deal.

Free Cinema Preview Tickets for Virgin Media Customers

Virgin Media & Virgin Mobile customers can pick up free cinema preview tickets to selected movies each month.  Up to a maximum of two free cinema tickets are available per person at selected cinemas around the country.

More details available at Free Cinema Tickets for Virgin Customers.

Saturday Cinema Deals; Cineworld  Morning Ticket

Cineworld offers ‘Movies for Juniors’ where adult & child tickets are from £1 for a Saturday morning showing at around 10am. Cineworld usually offer a range of movies although it is worth noting that not all Cineworld cinemas participate in this deal. For further details, go to Cineworld Movies for Juniors.

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers & Cineworld

You can use your Tesco Clubcard vouchers to pay for Cineworld tickets.  Each adult cinema token costs just £4 in clubcard vouchers, (children’s cinema token; £3 in clubcard vouchers).  Cineworld rewards cannot be used in Dublin, Jersey or London’s West End cinemas.

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers & Odeon Cinema

You can now redeem Teco Clubcard vouchers for cinema tickets at Odeon.  Each adult cinema token costs £4.50 in clubcard vouchers, (children’s cinema token; £3.50 in clubcard vouchers).

More details available at Odeon Cinema & Tesco Clubcard Vouchers.

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers; Odeon or Cineworld?

We’ve put together a comparison between the Tesco Clubcard Deal for Odeon & Cineworld cinemas with surprising results!  More details available at Odeon Vs Cineworld & Clubcard Vouchers.


Cinema_movieCheap Cinema Tickets; Watch in 2D

It only hit me recently that I actually don’t like 3D movies.  This only occurred to me having read that one of the main reasons 3D movies are here to stay is that the film industry love them, (3D movies are impossible to pirate!)

But when I consider those uncomfortable glasses, the additional expense & the sudden realization that I actual prefer the 2D experience…it’s time to revert!

Alternatively, Remember Your Glasses

Haven’t we all got pairs of 3D glasses strewn around the house that we’ve forgotten to bring with us AGAIN…remember it’s cheaper if you bring your own 3D glasses!

Odeon 30% off Vouchers

Whilst currently not available, we’ll let you know when this popular deal returns in 2012.  Remember with this deal, you need one voucher per person!

Cineworld Unlimited Cards

For avid movie customers, it can be worth joining Cineworld’s Unlimited Card scheme.  You pay a monthly fee, (additional charges for London West End & 3D movies) and watch as many movies as you wish!

For double deals why not combine a Cineworld unlimited card with Orange Wednesdays that gives both you & a friend substantially reduced cinema prices plus deals at Pizza Express!

Free Cinema Tickets

Here’s a great way to pick up free cinema tickets & check out a movie before  general release to the public.  Simply sign up for free at See Film First or Show Film Firstwith these preview movie websites.

Hopefully, you’ll then receive an email from time to time offering you free tickets, (usually 2 tickets), at a cinema close to you.  Films tend to run at off peak times, such as Saturday mornings or Tuesday evenings, and you need to be quick to use the screening code to confirm you tickets.  You can’t beat something for free!!

By Liz Walsh


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