Blackpool Tower

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The Blackpool Tower

The Blackpool Tower has now completed a multi-million pound refurbishment and I have to say the results are spectacular.  Whilst the campaign is now underway to urge families to take another look at Blackpool, the Blackpool Tower is certainly worth a visit.  The Blackpool Tower consists of The Blackpool Tower Eye, (aka the Top of the Tower), the Circus, the Ballroom, the Blackpool Tower Dungeons & Jungle Jim’s, (indoor play area).

Top Tip; look out for the Blackpool Resort Pass – 1 ticket 6 Blackpool Attractions that includes the Blackpool Tower, Pleasure Beach, Dungeons & Sea Life!

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Blackpool Tower & fairground rides

Blackpool Tower


The Best Bits

1. Climb, (well actually I mean take the lift), to the top of the Tower and take in aerial views of Blackpool & the surrounding Lancashire area.  If I m honest, it’s more about being at the top of this iconic tower than it is the view, but it’s got to be done.

2. Brave the ‘Walk of Faith’ glass floor at the top of the tower and look directly down 380ft below.  You’ll find plenty of people lying horizontally upon the glass posing for photos!

3. The circus will particularly appeal to those with children and definitely worth a visit.  The setting is magnificent and the range of acts will keep you all at the edge of your seats throughout the performance.

4. Worth popping your head around the Blackpool Ballroom even if dancing isn’t for you.  The setting is spectacular, (we’ve all seen it on Strictly), & you can simply drink in the nostalgia whilst watching others dance away to the music.  Try to popping upstairs as this was our favourite viewing place.

5. Plenty of 2 for 1 Vouchers about that offer discounted entry to the Blackpool Tower.

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Blackpool Tower


Top Tips For The Blackpool Tower

1. Blackpool Resort Pass; look out for the Blackpool Resort Pass that offers discounted entry to 6 top Blackpool Attractions including the Blackpool Tower and wristbands to Blackpool Pleasure Beach.

2. Merlin passholders; passholders can gain access to all settings within the Blackpool Tower.  Simply flash your card at each specific attraction & remember to book your ‘free’ tickets for the circus.

3. Say Cheese? No Thanks! Avoid the inevitable photo opportunities as you first enter many of the Blackpool Tower attractions.  You can take some fantastic photos up the Blackpool Tower particularly posing above the glass floor.

4. Front Row Seats? In our view, there is no need to spend extra on front seats at the circus as there is a good view wherever you sit.  Simply arrive ahead of the show & select any seat except the front row.

5. Extra, Extra! Beware of additional spend items throughout your time at the circus.  From photos as you arrive to refreshments, light up toys, face paint, programmes & even signed posters, you will be bombarded with offers.  Very little of this additional spend actually adds value to your visit  & will quickly deplete the coffers.  Also watch out for the interval for a further round of selling!

 6. Afternoon Tea; Invest in afternoon tea at the ballroom for those looking for a more relaxing way to enjoy the Blackpool Toower…the cakes look scrumptious too!



‘Walk of Faith’



By Liz Walsh



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