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Parent Swap Pass at Thorpe Park

Once you’ve picked up Cheap Tickets to Thorpe Park it’s probably time to consider options such as the Parent Swap Pass to help make the most of your day.  This parent pass offers parents/carers with younger children the chance to ride the thrill rides without having to queue twice.  This FREE option offers priority entrance to 1 parent/carer for each ride and is another string to your bow when getting ahead of the queues, (more details below).

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Swarm the ride at thorpe park

Thorpe Park; Swarm, (photo; Phil Loach)


Thorpe Park Parent Swap; More Details

The Parent Swap Pass at Thorpe Park is FREE of charge & offers, families/parties that include young children, a chance to experience the thrill rides without having to queue twice.  This simple trick allows young families to get more from their day out by minimising their queues throughout the day.  You can simply pick up a parent swap pass from Guest Services within Thorpe Park.

This is how it works in practice – Parent 1 will need to join the main queue for each thrill ride whilst Parent 2 & younger child(ren) continue to enjoy the rest of the park.  As the Parent 1 accesses the ride they MUST ensure the parent swap pass is authorised by the ride attendant.  Parent 2 can then access the ride via the fastrack entrance/ride exit, presenting their authorised parent swap pass to the ride attendants, who will load you onto the ride at the earliest possible opportunity.

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the rapids water ride at thorpe park

Thorpe Park; Rapids, (photo; Phil Loach)


Parent Swap Pass; Advantages

1. The Parent Swap Pass is FREE of charge and offers you a simple method to reduce your queue times.

2. This pass is primarily for parents with more than 1 child so they can take turns riding without having to queue twice on selected rides.

3. Each Parent Swap Pass can be used for up to 2 guests, ( 1 parent & 1 child).  This gives both parents/carers a chance to enjoy the ride once whilst the child can experience the ride TWICE!!

4. The Parent Swap Pass is available from Guest Services on the day of your visit.

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2 for 1 vouchers at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park, (photo; Phil Loach)


Thorpe Park; Lost Child Wristbands

Good to know that you can pick up lost child wristbands from Thorpe Park on the day of your visit.  Simply ask at Guest Services for further information if you are visiting the park with younger children.

Thorpe Park; Height Checking Service

Thorpe Park offers a handy height checking service that can save you time for those with children on the cusp of particular height markers.  Simply head over to Guest Services where a member of staff will measure your child.  You will then be provided with an appropriate height wristband to alleviate any difficulties accessing particular rides.  You can also pick up a Height Guide that categorizes the main rides at the park by height restrictions too.

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stealth at thorpe park

Thorpe Park; Stealth, (photo; Phil Loach)


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