Thorpe Park Lockers

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Lockers at Thorpe Park

There are plenty of lockers available at Thorpe Park for storing your belongings. Once you’ve found cheap Thorpe Park Tickets & Vouchers it’s worth planning ahead to make some savings on a day out to Thorpe Park.  Lockers are charged at £1, (non-refundable) so you will need an additional £1 each time your locker is opened during your visit. Follow our guide below for further information on storage solutions at Thorpe Park.

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Swarm the ride at thorpe park

Thorpe Park; Swarm, (photo; Phil Loach)


Where are the Lockers at Thorpe Park?

The main locker area can be found on the ground floor of the dome but you will also find lockers dotted around the park too.  This can be a great way to store away belongings and/or a picnic for a complete budget day out.  Always good to know that larger items can also be stored away at Guest Services within Thorpe Park too.

Thorpe Park & Suitcases?

We’re often asked about storage of suitcases at Thorpe Park. Those staying onsite at the THORPE SHARK Hotel can make use of the small luggage storage area located within the reception lodge at the park. Luggage can be stored FREE of charge for those staying at the hotel but unfortunately it is not available to theme parks guests that have not booked accommodation.

However for day visitors, there are two sizes of lockers available on-site, (dimensions provided below), plus guest services are also willing to store larger items too

Thorpe Park & Motorcycle Helmets

There are no parking charges in place for motorbikes at Thorpe Park and you will find a designated bike area located next to the annual pass office as you first enter the park. Helmets can be handed into Guest Services located within the dome.

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large locker at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park Large Locker


Lockers at Thorpe Park; Sizes

Small lockers; 30cm x 40cm, (width x height).

Medium lockers; 30cm x 60cm x 42cm, (width x height x depth)

There are 2 sizes of lockers at Thorpe Park, both of which are charged at £1, (non-refundable).  Lockers can be found within the dome as well as dotted around the park.  Should you misplace your locker key, please beware that there is a £10 lost key charge in place.

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the rapids water ride at thorpe park

Thorpe Park; Rapids, (photo; Phil Loach)


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  1. Sophie Martin says:

    Hi Im coming down for a week in July and was just wondering if there was anywhere I could store a small suitcase as I will be heading to gatwick straight after the park has shut.


    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Sophie, yes the lockers are quite small and I suspect you would have difficulty storing even a small suitcase within the lockers. There is a hotel onsite but I’m not sure if they make any provision for guests with suitcases who want to enjoy a second day at the park – it might be worth an ask.

  2. Abigail Olver says:


    Do you have the sizes of the two different lockers at the park as am wondering if I will be able to fit my bag in there when I arrive.

    Thank you


    • Hi Abiee, unfortunately I do not have the dimensions of the locker sizes so you are perhaps best contacting Thorpe Park directly for that information. I’m kicking myself as I was only at Thorpe Park on Friday!

  3. I was thinking of taking my motorcycle to Thorpe Park with a pillion. Would the kickers be larger engough to hold a couple of motorbike helmets and a couple of jackets?

    (Seem to be mixed reports on if you pay for bike parking or not too)

    • Hi Thomas, I have to say that the lockers at Thorpe Park are quite small & narrow. You’d certainly get a couple of jackets into the lockers but I don’t think the motorbike helmets will fit. As far as I can remember, there is only one size of locker too but might be worth querying this directly with Thorpe Park. My understanding is that you will need to pay the standard parking charges at Thorpe Park.

      • Thomas Thorne says:

        We went by car in then end but spotted a few people walking around with motorcycle jackets on. It seems that there are at least two sizes of locker. The smaller ones would not fit a helmet but the large ones would probably take two. As far as could see all the lockers were the same price so you could make a day of it on the bike as long as you got there early enough to guarantee some locker space. We found the larger lockers about midday and there were still quite a few free.

        • Hi Thomas, thanks for the clarification. I’m sorry this didn’t help you on your day at Thorpe Park, but at least we can pass this on to future readers. All the best, Liz

  4. Maddie Heywood says:

    I would like to know if there is luggage storage for a small suitcase as it doesn’t look like these lockers are big enough to store that.

    • Hi Maddie, no the lockers located around the park would not be big enough for a suitcase. However, as there is an onsite hotel within the park, it might be worth inquiring directly with Thorpe Park to see if you could make any arrangements to store your luggage?