Thorpe Park 2014; Angry Birds Themed Attractions

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Angry Birds at Thorpe Park; What’s New?

1. King Pig’s Wild Hog Dodgems

Probably the best dodgems I have ever experienced; the theming is fun, the queue capacity is good & the action is excellent. You speed around the track at a relatively brisk pace, are quickly immersed within a pile up but have the ability to navigate away at breakneck speed. A must!

You must be 1.1m to ride the dodgems and those under 1.3m must be accompanied by someone 16 years & over.

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Angry Birds Land at Thorpe Park


2. Detonator; Bombs Away

A simple re-branding; detonator remains as it was just with a new name & surrounded by new imagery. This is often an overlooked attraction at Thorpe Park but it will probably receive more interest this season with a new coat of paint.

Must be at least 1.3m tall to ride.

3. Angry Birds 4D Cinema Experience

This is a great addition to the park & is recommended for those age 4 years & over.

Whilst 4D cinemas are becoming a popular addition to many theme parks, each experience is different using a range of 4D special effect such as rocking chairs, water spray, a wind effect & even bubbles all set around a branded story. The Angry Birds 4D Experience will certainly keep the children amused as as they are continually ‘launched’ into the air to navigate a distinctly rocky path to eventually save the day.

With a continuous programme running every 20 minutes and a theatre capacity of around 300, this offers a good queue capacity for a new experience to the park.




4. Angry Bird Land; Other Attractions

If you are willing to pay extra, they you have the choice of a gladiator-style ‘Angry Birds Battle’, a ‘Champion Chase’ racecourse or try to climb the ladder in ‘Pigs & Ladders’.

Personally, having spent my hard earned gaining entry, I’m always loathe to throw away further on additional spend activities. When you note that the newly themed area provided just 2 new attractions & 1 re-branded attraction, I was disappointed to see so many additional pay attractions included within this space.

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