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Thorpe Park 2 Day Tickets, (not currently available)

When considering Thorpe Park Tickets – Vouchers, Deals & Discounts look out for great deals to be had on second day tickets at the park that are available from just £4pp!  For double deals, you can even combine savings on 1 day tickets if you book online and then add a second day from just £4pp PLUS a free parking perk that most people don’t know about!

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fastrack kiosk at thorpe park

Thorpe Park Fastrack Kiosk, (photo; Phil Loach)


Thorpe Park Come Back Tickets

Whilst Thorpe Park is no longer running a bounce back ticket, (that offered a second discounted visit to the park later in the season), you can return the following day from just £4pp.  These 2 day tickets are available to purchase online allowing you to combine savings on your initial visit plus a second day from just £4pp.  Simply select the 2 day Thorpe Park Resort Ticket option & look out too for the free parking perk too, (more details below).  Alternatively, you can pick up a second day at the park by purchasing tickets from the fastrack ticket kiosk on the day of your visit.

Thorpe Park 2 Day Tickets; Free Parking Perk!

Did you know that guests that purchase 2 day tickets to Thorpe Park can pick up FREE parking for their second day at the park?  This lesser-known fact offers you further savings at the park by simply requesting a 2 day parking ticket from the fastrack ticket booth.  If you’ve already purchased a 1 day parking ticket, remember to request a transfer to a 2 day ticket at no extra charge.

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Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park; Tidal Wave, (photo; Phil Loach)


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  1. Just FYI, Thorpe no longer offer a 2-day ticket unless you book accommodation. They’re pushing the £49 season pass instead.

    • Thanks Mat for the update – shame to hear that the 2 day ticket is no longer available at Thorpe Park as it was such good value:(

  2. Hello
    Are you able to help with clarifying whether a DLA letter for low rate is eligable for a helper pass? I don’t want to turn up on the day and find it’s not and I have to pay full price! I have tried to get through to Thorpe Park, but no luck on phones and their emails have said they will reply within 7 days… too late then to make use of the online discount.

    I love your site by the way, I’ve found it really helpful and very informative already.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Susie, thanks for the positive feedback about Topdogdays that’s always good to hear:) Regarding your query, I can see from the Thorpe Park site it stats that ‘Disabled guests are entitled to a free helper ticket. Please book a ticket and bring proof of entitlement to the Annual Pass Building, where there is a dedicated disabled entrance. Such proof includes a blue/orange badge, Attendance Allowance book etc. Please note this is for Admission to the Resort only and does not guarantee entitlement to a disabled Ride Access Pass.’ To claim a Ride Access Pass, (similar to a fastrack pass) you do need to be in receipt of the higher rate mobility allowance but it doesn’t state this is the case for the free helper ticket.