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Thorpe Park 2 Day Tickets

When considering Thorpe Park Tickets – Vouchers, Deals & Discounts look out for great deals to be had on second day tickets at the park that are available from just £4pp!  For double deals, you can even combine savings on 1 day tickets if you book online and then add a second day from just £4pp PLUS a free parking perk that most people don’t know about!

TOP TIP; pick up Thorpe Park 2 Day Tickets from just £33.99pp when you book online in advance that guarantees entry into the park!



fastrack kiosk at thorpe park

Thorpe Park Fastrack Kiosk, (photo; Phil Loach)


Thorpe Park Come Back Tickets

Whilst Thorpe Park is no longer running a bounce back ticket, (that offered a second discounted visit to the park later in the season), you can return the following day from just £4pp.  These 2 day tickets are available to purchase online allowing you to combine savings on your initial visit plus a second day from just £4pp.  Simply select the 2 day Thorpe Park Resort Ticket option & look out too for the free parking perk too, (more details below).  Alternatively, you can pick up a second day at the park by purchasing tickets from the fastrack ticket kiosk on the day of your visit.

Thorpe Park 2 Day Tickets; Free Parking Perk!

Did you know that guests that purchase 2 day tickets to Thorpe Park can pick up FREE parking for their second day at the park?  This lesser-known fact offers you further savings at the park by simply requesting a 2 day parking ticket from the fastrack ticket booth.  If you’ve already purchased a 1 day parking ticket, remember to request a transfer to a 2 day ticket at no extra charge.

More details available from Thorpe Park 2 Day Tickets from £33.99pp.


Tidal Wave at Thorpe Park

Thorpe Park; Tidal Wave, (photo; Phil Loach)


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  1. Hello
    Are you able to help with clarifying whether a DLA letter for low rate is eligable for a helper pass? I don’t want to turn up on the day and find it’s not and I have to pay full price! I have tried to get through to Thorpe Park, but no luck on phones and their emails have said they will reply within 7 days… too late then to make use of the online discount.

    I love your site by the way, I’ve found it really helpful and very informative already.

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Susie, thanks for the positive feedback about Topdogdays that’s always good to hear:) Regarding your query, I can see from the Thorpe Park site it stats that ‘Disabled guests are entitled to a free helper ticket. Please book a ticket and bring proof of entitlement to the Annual Pass Building, where there is a dedicated disabled entrance. Such proof includes a blue/orange badge, Attendance Allowance book etc. Please note this is for Admission to the Resort only and does not guarantee entitlement to a disabled Ride Access Pass.’ To claim a Ride Access Pass, (similar to a fastrack pass) you do need to be in receipt of the higher rate mobility allowance but it doesn’t state this is the case for the free helper ticket. You can find more information over at Thorpe Park.