LEGOLAND Windsor Parking Charges & Annual Passes

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LEGOLAND Windsor & Parking

There are plenty of parking options available at LEGOLAND Windsor ranging from FREE parking, annual parking passes & standard parking.  We’ve put together a few simple hints & tips below to help you find the best parking solution if you are driving to this popular visitor attraction in Surrey.

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Legoland resort hotel

LEGOLAND Resort Hotel, (photo; Phil Loach)

Free Parking at LEGOLAND Windsor

Hotel Guests; for those staying at the LEGOLAND Resort Hotel you can secure FREE parking plus early access to the park via a separate entrance.

Premium Passholders; can gain FREE standard parking all year round & remember you only need one Premium Pass per car to gain free parking.

Drop off/Collection; if you can arrange a lift to the drop off/collection point you can bypass the parking charges completely and gain quick access into the park.

Unfortunately, standard Merlin Passholders must now pay for parking at LEGOLAND Windsor.


the dragon at legoland windsor

The Dragon at LEGOLAND Windsor, (photo; Phil Loach)


How Much is Parking at LEGOLAND Windsor?

Standard Parking; charged at £5 a vehicle.

Priority Parking; charged at £12 a vehicle, (there are no longer any discounts for passholders on this priority rate).

Top Tip; it you book online at LEGOLAND Windsor for priority parking in conjunction with your LEGOLAND tickets you can secure a further discount off the standard priority parking rate!

Updated March 2016


Legoland Windsor log flume

LEGOLAND Windsor, (photo; Phil Loach)


LEGOLAND Windsor Parking; Location

Unless you are staying at the resort hotel, (guest can make use of a free car park and separate entrance into the park), then your parking options are;

Priority Parking; located immediately next to the main entrance to LEGOLAND Windsor although parking charges are higher for this premium perk.

Standard Parking; located slightly further away but parking fees are reduced.

Top Tip; take note that standard parking begins from where priority parking ends so particularly on quieter days, you could literally be parking across the road!


Miniland at Legoland with man

Miniland at LEGOLAND Windsor, (photo; Phil Loach)


How Can I Pick Up A Car Parking Ticket?

You can purchase your car parking tickets by choosing one of the following options;

Purchasing theme park tickets online; then you have the option to pay for your parking at the same time plus there are online discounts for priority parking available too.

Ticket Booths; pay for your parking as you collect/pay for tickets on the day.

Ticket Machine; make use of the ticket machine located close to the ticket booths on the LHS as you leave the park.


LEGOLAND Windsor space tower

LEGOLAND Windsor; Space Tower, (photo; Phil Loach)


Is There A Drop Off/Collection Point?

Yes there is a FREE drop off/collection point located directly in front of the main LEGOLAND Windsor entrance that offers easy access into the park.

LEGOLAND Windsor; Priority Season Passes

Passholders can purchase a Priority Season Pass that offers you unlimited access to the priority parking all season long.  This parking pass is priced at £25 per vehicle per season, (March 2016 prices).

The priority parking car park is open from 9am to 12.30pm so those planning a later visit will struggle to gain access. You are required to add your car registration number to your pass so families with more than vehicle must remember to bring the valid car to the park each time they visit!

Top Tip; remember Premium Passholders already gain FREE standard parking to the park.



By Liz Walsh




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  1. Hi is there any spaces for motorhomes in your car parks … as we will be travelling around

    • Hi Jon, my understanding is that Legoland Windsor does not offer overnight accommodation for motorhomes but might be worth double checking directly with the park, (Topdogdays is independent of Legoland Windsor and simply lets you know where the best ticket deals for the park can be found). Do let us know if you find any further information and we will pass this on to our readers, Liz

  2. sam caballero says:

    Is the priority parking way/entrance clearly labelled or staffed? I have already bought a priority parking but since I am not sure where to go exactly I may end up going to the standard parking area.

    • Hi Sam, yes the priority parking at LEGOLAND Windsor is clearly signposted as you first enter the car park. If you have any difficulties, just ask the staff posted around the car parking area & they can direct you toward the priority parking that is located close the LEGOLAND main entrance. Enjoy your day, Liz

  3. Disabled parking and how much for parking at lego land

    • Hi Ronald, there is parking for guests with a disability close the the LEGOLAND Windsor entrance and currently priced at £5, all the best, Liz

  4. Georgiana Lowe says:

    Hi, I’m wondering if you can shed some light.. I went to Legoland about 6 months ago, mid-week during school term so it wasn’t too busy, but getting out of the carpark took over an hour. We had a massive drive after that, so I want to avoid it happening again. Do you know whether parking in the priority carpark will ensure I’ll wait less time to get out at the end?
    Thanks 🙂

    • Georgiana Lowe says:

      Forgot to mention we’re going this Saturday, so I expect it’ll be much busier.

    • Hi Georgiana, the main perk with the priority car park is that you can park up close to the main entrance to LEGOLAND Windsor offering you a quicker start to the day. It is true that the priority car park is located close to the exit barriers which means you bypass the queue off the standard car park but if the queue is backed up from the main road/driveway then you’ll still find yourself in traffic leaving the resort. I was surprised to hear that it took you so long to leave the resort mid week/term time on your last visit as normally traffic is relatively quiet during these times. Generally you tend to only hear of long delays during particularly busy times such as during August/special events at LEGOLAND Windsor. So whilst making use of the priority car park may reduce your queue time, (at added cost), it won’t completely alleviate the issue if parking where to be an issue on the day. Just to let you know that Topdogdays is independent of LEGOLAND Windsor so you may wish to double check directly with the setting for further details. Have a good visit, Liz

  5. Do I get ticket cheaper if im disabled and got a carer

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Lorraine, customers with a disability can bring along a carer for free, (documentary proof of disability will be required such as blue/orange badge), to LEGOLAND Windsor. You can purchase your ticket either on the day or online to take advantage of online discounts.