New ride for Drayton Manor Theme Park in 2011?

October 16th, 2010 / Drayton Manor Theme Park, Heart of England / 4 Comments »

Drayton Manor Theme Park are removing the Sombreros ride that is located close to thrill rides Apocalypse & Pandemonium in Aerial Park.

Drayton Manor

G-Force at Drayton Manor

Rumours are abound of a new family coaster for next year that would link in with the opening of new Drayton Manor hotel in 2011.  No confirmed details as yet, but watch this space for further details.

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  1. to confirm i can now finally say drayton manor are proud to say two new rides for 2011 one ride will be in thomas land, and the second ride will be in the old location where the sombero used to be, it will be a new family roller coaster on the cartoon BEN 10 steel work is up now coaster coming fro the united states. hope this helps

  2. Drayton manor have confirmed a new ride being built in thomas land and a new roller coasta last night on the 30th october to be opend next year in 2011

    • Thanks for your update on Drayton Manor – it’s going to be interesting to see details emerge about these new rides. Do let us know if you find out any further information on this. Cheers for getting in touch.