New Ride for Drayton Manor Theme Park; Air Race

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Drayton Manor; Air Race

Air Race was the latest thrill ride to hit Drayton Manor back in 2015 offering riders a chance to experience accelerations of almost 4G as they soar & drive through the skies.  Located close to many other high end thrill rides, such as Maelstrom, G-Force & Shockwave, Air Race is a further tool in the thrill seekers bag, (more information below).

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Drayton Manor Air Race Attraction

Drayton Manor; Air Race


Air Race at Drayton Manor; More Information

Air Race will initially have you gliding from side to side, circling around the control tower whilst ever increasing your height. Once high off the ground, you’ll experience a series of gravity defying barrel rolls taking you in differing directions whilst you soar & dive through the skies.  With a succession of banks, loops, dives & weightlessness to test even the most experienced thrill seeker, it’s going down well with visitors to the park.

Air Race consists of 6 separate 4-seater aeroplanes thus accommodating 24 riders at any one time.  It can take some time between each journey due to staff checks so queues aren’t moving too fast with this ride.

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Air Race at Drayton Manor Theme Park

Drayton Manor; Air Race


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