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Drayton Manor; Ride Photos

Once you worked out the best value Drayton Manor Tickets – Deals, Codes & Vouchers then you’ll probably be turning your mind to the best deals at the park.  For those interested in ride photos at the park, look out for the photo pass that offers discounted images and includes FREE digital downloads too, (more details below).

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Shockwave at Drayton Manor theme park

Drayton Manor; Shockwave


1. Drayton Manor; Photo Pass

Look out for the photo pass at Drayton Manor that can offer you savings throughout the theme park season.  Pick up a photo pass for just £20 that includes 4 photographic items of your choice, (photos, magnets, keyrings) and includes a FREE digital download too!  Good to know that this can be used throughout the park, including the hugely popular Thomas Land, plus main thrill rides around the park.

The great advantage of this offer is that not only does it secure you savings off individual priced items but offers you flexibility on use too.  Opt to pick up 4 images of your choice during the one visit to the park or space out your photographic memories during the theme park season, the choice is yours. All images come with a free digital download, (you’ll receive a code on your ticket) that are usually available to download 24 hours after your visit.  You then have 30 days to download the image from the site before it is removed from the site.  Good to know this photo pass also includes Thomas Land official driving licences too!

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drayton Manor thomas land

Drayton Manor; Thomas Land (photo by Tony Charnock)
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2. Photographic Items for £12

Another ride photo options is the 2 for £12 offer that includes all photos, keyrings & magnets.  Worth noting that this only relates to images taken from the SAME ride experience and cannot be used around the park.  Can work best for 2 people that both want the same ride photo but who can share the costs.

3. Ride Photography; Collection

Whilst there is not a central ride photography collection point at Drayton Manor, you can leave your photographic purchases at each photo booth to collect later in the day.  This leaves you hands free to enjoy the rest of the rides at the park.

4. Drayton Manor; Keep Your Options Open!

Did you know that all Drayton Manor ride photos are numbered & remain on their system throughout the day of your visit?  Why not keep a note of ride photos and make your decisions at the end of the day.  This allows you to work out the best deals available plus you won’t have to hold onto your photos all day.  This can be particularly beneficially on quieter days at the park when you may have may have experienced each ride more than once.

Please note that images only remain on the system on the day of your visit up to closing time before being overridden subsequently by photos taken the following day at the park!

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thomas land at Drayton Manor

Drayton Manor; James & the Red Balloon


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  1. Debbie Teale says:

    I was in the park yesterday … My two grandchildren enjoyed their ride together for the first time without an adult. A boy and a girl each 4yrs of age…on the old fashioned car highTop track where they see sheep etc. My grandson wore a blue thomas jacket. My granddaughter a white Tshirt with red love hearts and pinkyPurply dungarees

    The reason I describe them is … We we’re too late to pick up their photos The time was between 4-5pm. Possibly 4:30ish. They we’re both sitting in the front together. The little girl had mid length blond hair with fringe ponytail tied up and the rest down. The little boy has a little darker but short hair. Both blue bright eyes.

    Is there any way of locating these to purchase- I’d like 3 copies if so

    Best regards
    Debbie Teale.

    • Hi Debbie, my understanding is that the ride photographs at Drayton Manor remain on the system for the day of your visit only but are then overridden the following day & cannot be purchased once you have left the park:(

  2. Ultimate Combo (1x photograph, 2x keyrings, 2x magnets, 2 wallet photos and a digital download. (All items must be the same image). £20.00
    Photo Pass (any 4 photos) £20.00
    Photograph £8.00
    Photo, keyring and magnet Any 2 for £12.00
    Keyring £8.00
    Magnet £8.00
    Snow Globe (Thomas Land only) £8.00
    Glitter Block £12.00
    Driving Licence £8.00

  3. hi, I am going on a trip to Drayton Manor and would like to know, without any deals, how much would it cost for all the different types of pictures