Disneyland Paris & Extra Magic Hours

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Disneyland Paris; Extra Magic Time

Bypass the queues at Disneyland Paris with this nifty Extra Magic Time perk that offers early access into the park. Here’s a chance to enjoy up to 1 hour of early access to select rides & attractions BEFORE the park opens to the public PLUS exclusive character interactions with a range of Disney characters! Extra Magic Time is only available to particular guests at the park so follow our guide below to find out more.

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Disneyland Paris Parade

Disneyland Paris Parade


Extra Magic Time; More Information

Extra Magic Times offers 60 minutes of early access to select rides & attractions before the park opens to the public.  This added perk is a great way to get a few of the more popular attractions under your belt early in the day and worth considering when planning your visit.

Extra Magic Time is available both to guests staying at Disney Onsite Hotels or specific annual pass holders and offers a great way to get ahead of the queues for those that opt for an early start.  For those looking to combine accommodation & tickets to Disneyland Paris then it’s worth considering a package that includes Extra Magic Time to secure early access to the parks. Annual Pass holders of a Magic Plus or Infinity class are also eligible for Extra Magic Time.

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Big Thunder Mountain

Big Thunder Mountain


Extra Magic Time; Tips & Tricks

i. Whilst Extra Magic Time is open to on-site Disney hotel guests, you do tend to find the first part of the hour is particularly quiet as many guests haven’t finished breakfast in time!  Buck the trend and ensure you are ready to go the moment the park opens for those eligible for Extra Magic Time.

ii. Those with Extra Magic Time also have the added advantage of being in a prime position to secure FastPass tickets as the park opens to the general public too.

iii. The rides & attractions that are open early vary during the season so worth double checking what’s available on the day of your visit.  Often you’ll find around 5 rides or attractions open at the Disneyland Park & a further 2 within Disneyland Studios plus exclusive character meet & greet opportunities.

iv. Most commonly open rides can include Mad Hatters Tea Cup, Peter Pan, Dumbo, Princess Pavillion & Lancelot’s Carousel at the Disneyland Park plus Crush’s Coaster & Ratatouille at the Studios

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