Chessington Winter’s Tail including Santa’s Grotto

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Chessington Winter’s Tail; Santa’s Grotto, Sea Life + Zoo, (now expired)

If you are planning to visit Santa in his Grotto this Christmas, then look out for this festive package from Chessington World of Adventures for just £25pp, (children under 12 months go free). To guarantee entry and pick up timed ticketed slots to visit Santa simply book online where tickets also include entry to the Chessington Zoo, Sea Life, (more information below).

To book tickets go to Chessington Winter’s Tail Tickets from £25pp.


chessington world of adventures the gruffalo river ride adventure

The Gruffale River Ride Adventure, (photo; Chessington World of Adventures)


1. Father Christmas Sleepovers

Extend your Winter’s Tail visit to Chessington with an overnight stay in their on-site hotel complex.  Packages include entry to the Winter’s Tail, access to select rides & attractions plus Chessington Zoo and Sea Life Centre and includes breakfast too.

More information available at Chessington’s Father Christmas Sleepovers.

2. Chessington Winter’s Tail; Rainy Day Guarantee

Pick up a FREE return visit during Chessington Zoo Days if it rains continuously for 1 hour or more during your Winter’s Tail visit.  Keep hold of your original ticket and check Chessington’s site for more information on valid dates to visit for FREE!

3. Chessington Winter’s Tail; Passholders

Passholders can pick up discounted tickets to Chessington Winter’s Tail when they book online in advance.  Remember you will need to present a valid pass for each ticket holder on the day of your visit.  If a child under 3 years does not have an annual pass, they will receive a discounted rate when accompanied by 1 or more valid passholders.

4. Chessington Winter’s Tail; 2 for 1 Vouchers

Unfortunately general 2 for 1 vouchers cannot be used during Chessinton Winter’s Tail experience but only during the main theme park season.

5. Chessington Winter’s Tail; Free Entry

Good to know that young families can take advantage of free entry for those with a child under 12 months old.  For guests that are registered as disabled, you can bring along one helper free of charge, (a second helper can pick up a discounted rate of £8pp)

Pick up Chessington Winter’s Tail tickets from £25pp and includes a Free Rainy Day Guarantee.


Chessington Zoo

Chessington Zoo, (photo; Phil Loach)


Chessington Winter’s Tail

Running on select dates during December, this offers families a full day out for a festive treat that includes the following attractions;

  • A visit to Father Christmas in his grotto, (timed ticked entry).
  • Entry to Chessington Zoo, &  Sea Life.
  • Special Gruffalo activities and selected rides open.
  • A gift from Santa, (children)
  • Adults can pick up a voucher for a complimentary hot drink & snack.

Chessington £11pp Winter Tickets

Whilst the theme park rides are closed, substantial areas within the resort remain open including the Chessington Zoo, Sea Life Centre PLUS daily meet & greet animal shows. Take advantage of this early bird offer from Chessington with tickets priced from just £11pp for those that can book ahead. With the park open from 10am to 3pm, this offers a family treat at a budget price.

More information available at Chessington Zoo Days.


chessington world of adventures hotel

Chessington Hotel, (photo; Phil Loach)

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