The Wicker Man Wooden Rollercoaster at Alton Towers 2018

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New Ride at Alton Towers; The Wicker Man

Look out for the NEW wooden rollercoaster known as The Wicker Man that is opening at Alton Towers for the 2018 theme park season. Whilst we’re always interested in Cheap Ticket Deals for Alton Towers we do also like to keep abreast of new developments at the park and thrill seekers will delight in this wooden coaster that bursts into flames as you ride.  Alton Towers previously revealed that this latest wooden coaster, the first to be built in the UK for 21 years, was to share its name with the 1970’s mystery horror film and the reviews coming in seem to indicate that it is living up to its name, (more details below).

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The Wicker Man wooden coaster at Alton Towers 2018

The Wicker Man ride at Alton Towers 2018


The Wicker Man Wooden Coaster 2018

Claiming a world’s first by combining wood and fire within a coaster, this £16 million ride is bound to be popular with theme park visitors this year.  Located upon the site of the Former Log Flume that was decommissioned at the end of the 2015, the Wicker Man features a 57.5ft, (17.5m) flaming structure that is placed within the heart of the attraction along with 2,028 feet-long track.

Those lucky enough to have previewed the ride report to travelling within a 12-car train that passes through a smoky flame-engulfed tunnel three times in quick succession.  Whilst not moving at particularly rapid speeds, the carriages move through a series of twists & turns within darkened areas & open air before hurtling towards the fiery Wicker Man structure.  With an immersive back story & associated theming throughout the attraction, it is likely to be one of the more popular areas of the park.  With that in mind, it’s worth noting that The Wicker Man is likely to be a valued attraction under the Early Ride Time perk at the park for those that are eligible, (attractions under Early Ride Time can vary throughout the season).

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Alton Towers grounds

Alton Towers, (photo; Phil Loach)


Whilst the Log Flume and associated theming is now lost to the new attraction, I have to say I was relieved the hear the footings to the Log Flume remain in place. Although this plan was suggested so as not to adversely affect the vegetation in the area, I’m hoping Alton Towers was a little sentimental about losing this iconic ride too.

Seemingly 2018 is likely to be a good year for thrill seekers which will also see the opening of a NEW Coaster at Blackpool Pleasure Beach now known as ICON.


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