Tesco Clubcard Vouchers; Five Times Value in Days Out Rewards

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Alton Towers & Tesco Clubcard Deals

Tesco Clubcard Vouchers; Five Times Value in Days Out Rewards

Tesco clubcard vouchers will be arriving in the post shortly, so worth checking out the new clubcard deals on offer in relation to Days Out Rewards.

Over the next 4 weeks, Tesco Clubcard is offering you the chance to pick up Days Out Reward at five times their value, (rather than the standard four times value)  This offer is only available until 11 June 2012.  This deal includes ‘pay in full’ visitor attractions, (such as Alton Towers, Drayton Manor, Woburn, Longleat) as well as Days Out Tokens, (that can be used at over 150 different visitor attractions around the UK).

These enhanced Tesco Days Out Rewards include;

  • Alton Towers; £7.50 in clubcard vouchers, (previously £11.50)
  • Thorpe Park; £7.50 in clubcard vouchers, (previously £10)
  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach; £7.50 in vouchers, (previously £9.50)
  • Drayton Manor; £7.50 in clubcard vouchers, (previously £10)
  • Legoland, Windsor; £7.50 in vouchers, (previously £11.50)

Trentham Gardens Deals & Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Enhanced Tesco Clubcard Deals for Days Out Tokens

Days Out Tokens gives you a great flexibility on when & where you visit attractions whilst also offering you the option to top up your vouchers with cash.

If you redeem your clubcard vouchers for days out tokens you would currently gain £25 towards entrance charges for each £5 clubcard voucher redeemed.  You can choose from over 150 visitor attractions around the UK rather than have to specify a particular setting with tokens valid for 6 months at the visitor attractions specified within the terms & conditions.

Simply present your days out tokens at the tickets kiosks on the day of your visit.  Be aware that you will not receive any change if you over pay in tokens so for best value, top up with cash and redeem fewer tokens per attraction.

It’s also worth noting that days out tokens can also be used to pay/part pay against annual memberships at particular visitor attractions too, (such as Trentham Estate), just ensure you check out the terms & conditions first as often reduced priced family memberships are not included in this offer.

Plenty more Hints & Tips for Best Value Tesco Clubcard Vouchers available too.




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  1. can I use reward tokens at alton towers for scarefest days

    • Sara, yes the clubcard reward tokens are valid at Alton Towers but as with any voucher they do not guarantee entry to the park. Scarefest can be the most popular two weeks of the theme park season, so worth ensuring you get there early to ensure you gain entry.

  2. Can the voucher tokens be used in october for thorpe park fright night?

    • Akeel, yes the Thorpe Park clubcard reward tokens can be used during Fright Nights at Thorpe Park. However, the reward tokens do not guarantee entry to Thorpe Park & Fright Nights can reach capacity during the day. The advice is to ensure you arrive early in the day should you wish to use Thorpe Park clubcard reward tokens to give yourself the best chance of gaining entry to Thorpe Park. Also worth checking the dates of your reward token as tokens are only available for a 6 month period from date of issue.