Single Rider Queues at Alton Towers

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Alton Towers; Single Rider Queues

A Single Rider Queue offers you a FREE method to bypass the queues at Alton Towers.  Whilst we like to bring you the latest Alton Towers Tickets Offers & Vouchers it’s worth thinking ahead to help you get ahead of the queues.  By taking up available space within ride carriages, the Single Rider can often enjoy quicker access to rides & attractions within the park, (find out more information below).

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sonic spinball at alton towers

Alton Towers; Sonic Spinball, (photo Phil Loach)


Alton Towers; Single Rider Queue

Take advantage of Single Rider Queues at Alton Towers that allows single riders to use up available space on ride carriages. This FREE method can often provide quicker access to the rides if you are willing to slot into single gaps.  Whilst this option is only available on a select number of attractions at the park, it tends to be in place on rides that are more likely to have spare capacity within a carriage.

The upside of a Single Rider is the chance to enjoy the rides quicker, (although Alton Towers stress that shorter queue times are not guaranteed), but of course the downside is you won’t experience the the thrill of the ride with friends & family.  You can find out which rides at Alton Towers are running a Single Rider this season below.

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thirteen at alton towers

Alton Towers; Thirteen, (photo; Phil Loach)


Alton Towers; Which Rides Offer Single Rider Queues?

This year you will find Single Rider Queues in place at the following attractions; Thirteen, Sonic Spinball, Oblivion & The Smiler.  These popular thrill rides at the park often have some of the longest queues so good to see this free method continues to run at Alton Towers, (Thorpe Park no longer offers SRQ’s and Chessington only runs this option on one of its rides).

We’ve found that Single Riders are particularly effective at reducing queue times on Sonic Spinball where they often allow pairs from the single rider queues to fill up space on the carriages, (the queues on Sonic make it more difficult for ride attendants to identify pairs in the main queue). It’s also worth knowing that in wetter weather, Sonic Spinball can only take 3 in a carriage so offering more potential spaces for single riders too!

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Alton Towers grounds

Alton Towers, (photo; Phil Loach)


Fastrack v Single Rider?

The Single Rider Queue is a FREE method that may reduce your queue time but does mean you won’t be able to experience the thrill of the ride with friends & family.  See it as another string to your bow for those trying to reduce wait times without spending out on fastracks. A fastrack ticket is a paid method to bypass the queues that tends to give you access onto a ride within 5/10 minutes.

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