Rollercoaster Restaurant at Alton Towers

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Rollercoaster Restaurant at Alton Towers

Alton Towers opened their NEW Rollercoaster Restaurant last year- think Yo! Shushi but with your food arriving via a miniature rollercoaster track.  Whilst we’re always looking for cheap Alton Towers Tickets & Deals we like to keep up to date with new developments too so we popped along recently to test it out.

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Rollercoaster Restaurant at Alton Towers

Rollercoaster Restaurant at Alton Towers


Rollercoaster Restaurant; What Gives?

If you are looking for a meal out like no other then the NEW Rollercoaster Restaurant at Alton Towers is just for you.  From the kitchen to its final destination at your table, your food & drink is delivered via a miniature rollercoaster track that includes a loop-the-loop and a 8m spiral drop.  With 400m of steel track winding around the setting, your food travels up to 20mph before landing at your table in this 150-seater restaurant.

If the young man on the table next door is indicative of how this themed restaurant is likely to to be viewed by younger guests, then Alton Towers definitely has a winner on its hands.  As his first dish began the journey to his table he could do no more that look on in wonder simply mouthing a deferential ‘oh wow’ as the dish landed on his table.  To be honest I think we all felt like that as the food started to arrive.

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Rollercoaster Restaurant; How It Works

It’s all very high tech within the Rollercoaster Restaurant where you order your food choices via a tablet device that goes straight through to the kitchen.  With plenty of friendly staff on hand to show you how it all works, you are soon ready to greet your first arrival where you simply detach the fastened pot from the track to dish up, (plates, cutlery and condiments are provided on the table).

One of the most extraordinary aspects of the meal is quite how quickly the food & drink arrives that brings new meaning to the phrase ‘fast food.’  Order to delivery can literally take minutes with drinks and food flying down the steel track at quite an alarming rate.  With this in mind we were advised to order one course at a time to avoid a 3 course meal being delivered to your table in 5 minutes flat!

Food options included burgers, steaks, risotto or for the more adventurous there is even the option of soup!  Staff later clear the plates from the table, (we weren’t the only ones longingly eyeing up the prospect of sending back our empties up the track), before we start pondering choices for our next course.

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new rollercoaster restaurant at alton towers theme park

Rollercoaster Restaurant located in Forbidden Valley, Alton Towers


Rollercoaster Restaurant; What To Watch

For those not satisfied with testing out the rides at the park this is a chance to have your food & drink delivered via a miniature rollercoaster track in record time.  From a novelty perspective you’d be hard pressed to beat this experience but it’s surprising just how quickly your total bill begins to mount up whilst you’re busily ordering from the menu.  It’s also worth keeping a watchful eye over any younger guests within your party to avoid ordering more than you bargained for as the restaurant makes it clear that you must pay for all orders.

As food is delivered to your table very quickly, this is not a lengthy experience – our party of 4 enjoyed a 2 course meal and were done & dusted within 40 minutes.  Presented with a bill of £88, this is not food for those on a budget, however it does have the WOW-factor & we’ll definitely be back!

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new rollercoaster restaurant at alton towers

Using Tablets To Order at the NEW Rollercoaster Restaurant


Rollercoaster Restaurant; When To Visit

Whilst the Rollercoaster Restaurant is open the theme park guests during the day, this eatery welcomes guests without a theme park ticket during the evening that opens up options for those living/staying close by. As the restaurant is located within Forbidden Valley, (where you will find the likes of Nemesis, the Blade & the NEW ride Galactica), Alton Towers has opened up a quick new entry point that takes you from car park to venue in literally 2 minutes flat!

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runaway mine train at alton towers

Alton Towers Runaway Minetrain, (photo; Phil Loach)


Rollercoaster Restaurant; Top Tips

1. For evening access to the restaurant use the NEW Golden Pathway that is located within the standard car park that offers a quick route into the park.

2. The Rollercoaster Restaurant is only open to theme park customers during the day.  However non-theme park customers can access the restaurant during evening hours without the need to purchase Alton Towers theme park tickets.

3. Ultimate theme park fans may wish to opt for a table that delivers your food via 1 of the 2 available loop-the-loop miniature coasters, (currently these are tables 2 & 11 but best to double check on the day of your visit).

4. Ordering from the menu to actual delivery at your table can literally take seconds so best to select one course at a time.  Otherwise you could find a 3 course meal delivered to your table with the space of 5 minutes.

5. Passholders can take advantage of a 20% discount that offers a substantial savings off your bill.

6. When visiting with the family worth keeping a watchful eye on the menu tablets as younger guests can be quick off the mark to order extra food items.  The table next to us somewhat bemusedly found themselves with an extra dessert spinning it’s way down the chute that the children quickly demolished.  It can get expensive!







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