Half price Merlin Annual Pass sale extended.

January 11th, 2010 / Alton Towers, Chessington World of Adventure, Legoland Discovery Centre, Legoland Windsor, Thorpe Park / 4 Comments »

Half Price Merlin Pass

Half Price Merlin Passes are now available for purchase if you can visit one of the Merlin attraction listed below.  This half price sale runs until 31 January 2012 and offers a standard Merlin Pass for just £78 per person, (standard price £156 per person).

Merlin Pass Half Price Deal

To take advantage of this offer, you must purchase & collect your half price Merlin Pass in person from one of the following Merlin Attractions;

  • Alton Towers
  • Blackpool Towers
  • Legoland, Windsor
  • Chessington World of Adventures
  • The London, York or Edinburgh Dungeon
  • London Eye
  • Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester
  • Madame Tussauds London
  • Madame Tussauds Blackpool
  • SEA LIFE centres or Sanctuaries
  • Warwick Castle

Unfortunately, you cannot purchase half price Merlin Passes at  Thorpe Park with this deal. Worth checking opening days & times at the Merlin Attraction of your choice before setting off!

Alton Towers Deals

Half Price Merlin Pass Deal

This half price Merlin Annual Pass Sale is running until 31 January 2012.  We’re hearing that it maybe possible to purchase your Merlin Pass by phoning Merlin directly on 08444 77 44 44 although I understand you will still need to collect from one of the Merlin attractions.

Are Premium Merlin Passes Half Price Too?

Only individual standard Merlin Passes are being offered at half price.  You can upgrade your standard Merlin Pass to a Premium Merlin Pass if you pay an additional £35 per person in cash.  So you could purchase a standard Merlin Pass in this half price sale and upgrade to a Premium Merlin Pass for a total cost of £113 per person, (£78 + £35).

Parking & Merlin Passes

It’s worth noting in the new terms & conditions for Merlin Passes it states that…’Parking is not included with the Standard Merlin Annual Pass, and is subject to availability for Premium Passholders.  Mmm, that’s news to me!

Are Family Merlin Passes Included in this Half Price Sale?

No, only individual Merlin Passes are included in this sale.  Renewals are also excluded from this deal.

Rollercoasters galore

Merlin Pass & Thorpe Park

Half Price Merlin Passes & Unexpired Time on Current Merlin Pass

There remains some confusion as to whether unexpired time on a current Merlin Pass can be transferred onto a new half price Merlin Pass purchased in this deal.  The official response is that if you have 8 weeks or less on your existing pass, this can be transferred onto your new pass.  However, we are hearing reports of others securing larger extensions to their passes or being issued with vouchers rather than passes that can be redeemed on your next visit.  Certainly worth shopping around.

What if the whole family can’t visit to pick up a Half Price Merlin Passes?

Merlin have said that if family members cannot make it to a Merlin attraction, you can instead bring a photo of each family member and still pick up a half price Merlin pass for each person.

The Merlin Pass Offer

A standard Merlin Pass offers entry to over 40 plus visitor attractions around the UK including;

  • Alton Towers
  • Thorpe Park
  • Legoland, Windsor
  • Chessington
  • Legoland Discovery Centre
  • London Eye
  • Blackpool Towers & many more…

Legoland & Merlin Pass half price

Whilst standard Merlin Passes no longer receive free parking and there are some restrictions on use, (see below), this half price Merlin Pass deal offers value for money if you intend to visit a number of Merlin Attractions throughout the year.  It is also worth taking into account some of the passholder perks associated with the standard Merlin Pass that includes;

  • Up to 20% off food, drink & souvenirs
  • Early Ride Time at Alton Towers
  • Deals on photographic souvenirs
  • 20% off Alton Towers Waterpark

Remember restrictions on use with a standard Merlin Pass will include;

  • No access to London Eye, Madame Tussauds, London Dungeon & Sea Life London during August
  • No access to Legoland, Windsor before 2pm during August
  • No access to the London Eye on 14 February, 29-31 October
  • No access to Blackpool Tower 22-30 October
  • Passholder fee for Fright Nights at Thorpe Park

However if you discount the August restrictions, (& I wouldn’t fancy visiting some of these London Merlin Attraction in peak summer time anyway), there is plenty of choice for all the family and works out as great value for money.

How to Get the Most from your Half Price Merlin Pass

This Half Price Merlin Pass deal is particularly cost effective if you take steps to reduce your spending on each visit rather than see them as a free day out!  Simple steps such as taking a picnic, investing in a Photo Pass & following our Tips to beat the Queues will save you plenty of money throughout the year!

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