Free Tickets to Alton Towers in The Sun

March 6th, 2011 / Alton Towers, Staffordshire / 3 Comments »

Free Tickets to Alton Towers

Free Tickets to Alton Towers in The Sun

Alton Towers and The Sun newspaper have joined forces once more to offer 2 free tickets to Alton Towers!  This offer kicks off on Saturday 3 March where you will need to collect 9 differently numbers tokens printed in The Sun over the coming two weeks.

Simply complete the application form, enclose your tokens and choose from the possible date bands that run through the season and wait for your two free Alton Towers tickets to arrive.  Can say easier than that!

This free ticket promotion for Alton Towers begin in The Sun on Saturday 3 March 2012.  Readers will need to collect 9 differently numbered tokens, complete an application form and provide possible dates within a specific range of options.  Whilst you cannot specify your date of visit, if you can be flexible this is a great way to enjoy Alton Towers for free!

Tokens will be available in The Sun from Saturday 3 March to Sunday 18 March 2012 & applications must be received by 22 March 2012.

Each application must include;

  • 9 differently numbered Tokens
  • A completed application form
  • A self addressed envelope
  • A list of 5 band dates on the bottom right of the envelope
  • List all 5 band dates for your application to be processed
  • Await 28 days for the delivery of your Alton Towers tickets
  • Tickets are only valid on the date printed on the tickets.

Not for you….we’ve plenty more Alton Towers Deals.

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  1. i still havnt received my tickets getting abit worried now, i didnt attach the tokens i just put them in with the application form, is that ok?

  2. mrs pauline haddock says:

    can i get an application form for my tokens my paper was thrown away by mistake .

    • Hi Pauline, I’ve attached a link to my reply to Fiona…be quick though as applications needed to be received by 22 March!