Best Value Tesco Clubcard Vouchers Plus Hints & Tips for Making the Most of Your Tesco Loyalty Card

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Best Value Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Tesco Clubcard Deals; Tips to Get the Best Value for your Tesco Loyalty Card

With Tesco clubcard vouchers coming through your door at the moment, it’s a good time to consider best value options from this popular loyalty card.  Check out our hints & tips to get the most from your Tesco Clubcard vouchers from  our frequently asked questions below.

Should I use my Tesco Clubcard Vouchers in store?

If you spend clubcard vouchers in store, you only manage to save the value of the voucher.  Even when Tesco run their clubcard voucher exchange, (allowing you to double the value of your clubcard vouchers), it’s still financially beneficial to exchange for partner benefits, (where you receive up to three, four of on occasion five times their value),  rather than in store.

Tesco Clubcard Best Value Deals

How Can I Find the Most Cost Effective Tesco Clubcard Deal?

Whilst reward vouchers can be redeemed for either three or four  times their value, some deals effectively offer you less than this.

Tesco clubcard have recently changed the format of their clubcard deals, using limited time limited deals to enhance their offers.  For example we have recently seen Tesco clubcard offer hotel rewards for four times their value, (until 14 May 2012) rather than their standard three times value.

Currently Tesco clubcard are offering five times value on their days out rewards rather than the standard four times value…but again, only for a limited period of time.  More details available at Clubcard Days Out Enhanced Rewards.

Rollercoasters galore

Coasters Galore with a Merlin Pass & Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

It is therefore worth keeping an eye out for current Tesco Clubcard promotions to get best value for your clubcard vouchers.  Keep checking back with us & we’ll let you know current promotions as they come in.

Annual memberships from Tesco Clubcard deals can potentially offer best value for days out on a budget.  Not only do annual memberships give you access to your favourite top attractions throughout the year, they often come with plenty of additional benefits to maximize your savings.

Worth considering whether annual memberships can be part-paid with clubcard vouchers, (such as English Heritage Members) or ‘pay in full’ promotions, (such as Merlin Passes).

Days out tokens can also offer great value for money to reduce your entrance charges at popular visitor attractions.  It is worth considering whether you can combine promotions to gain even better value.  For example for a party of four, planning a visit to Alton Towers…why not redeem £23 in clubcard vouchers for 2 Alton Towers tickets plus use a 2 for 1 voucher for Alton Towers for the remaining 2 in your group, (just remember to split into 2’s at the ticket kiosk).

Blenheim Palace Deals & Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

What about hotel vouchers & Tesco clubcard deals?

Redeeming your Tesco vouchers for hotel rewards is another good way of making that mini-break affordable.  Currently every £10 in clubcard vouchers will secure you £30 worth of hotel vouchers.  For those that accumulate a high number of clubcard vouchers, you can pick up a mini-break for ‘free’.  Worth checking out the full terms & conditions of these clubcard rewards before making any plans as often they can require a 2 night stay on stipulated days of the week.

Can I Retrieve Lost Clubcard Vouchers?

Yes, you can now retrieve old Tesco Clubcard Vouchers you’d forgotten all about through This relatively new service allows you to check out your current voucher balance and highlights any issued clubcard vouchers that have yet to be redeemed.  Simply click on ‘My Vouchers’ on the clubcard site to see a table listing your unspent clubcard vouchers.

You can then redeem any remaining vouchers instantly using the online code given..I’ve done this and gained £40 in vouchers in the past!  This can be a great way to check whether you have mislaid vouchers and take action to retrieve them before it’s too late!  Be aware that mislaid vouchers can only be retrieved & used in line with their original expiry dates.

Family & Friends Railcard & Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Any new deals for Tesco clubcard vouchers?

1. You can now use Tesco clubcard voucher to redeem tickets for Disneyland, Paris. This is particularly good deals as it’s quite difficult to secure Disneyland ticket deals without booking up for a stay at the resort. This is a ‘pay in full deal’ and offers 1 child or 1 adult a ticket for Disneyland Paris, offering access to both Disneyland Parks during the one day.  More details available at Disneyland Paris with Tesco Clubcard Vouchers.

2. You can now pick up a Family & Friends Railcard, (also available for the Young Person & Senior Railcards too), with your clubcard vouchers.  For £14 in vouchers you can pick up your discount railcard and take advantage of discounted rail travel all year long.  A family & friends railcard will secure you a 1/3 off most adult fares & 60% off kids rail fares.

3. Redspottedhanky now accept Tesco clubcard vouchers with & every £10 in clubcard vouchers will gain you £20 off train travel.  You can even top up with cash so you don’t have to save amount the ful amount before redeeming your vouchers.

Additional Tesco Clubcard points promotions.

Clearly this is what Tesco want you to do, but it is worth keeping an eye out for additional points promotions to build your rewards as long as you are buying necessary household items!

Trentham Gardens Deals & Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Best Tesco Clubcard Deals; Days Out Tokens

I particularily like this deal as it gives you flexibility on when & where you visit plus offers you the option to top up your vouchers with cash.  If you redeem your clubcard vouchers for days out tokens, (usually gaining you four times value on your clubcard vouchers), you can choose from over 150 visitor attractions around the UK rather than have to specify a particular setting.  Your days out tokens are valid for 6 months at the visitor attractions specified within the terms & conditions.

Simply present your days out tokens at the tickets kiosks on the day of your visit.  Be aware that you will not receive any change if you over pay in tokens so for best value, top up with cash and redeem fewer tokens per attraction.

It’s also worth noting that days out tokens can also be used to pay/part pay against annual memberships at particular visitor attractions too, (such as Trentham Estate), just ensure you check out the terms & conditions first as often reduced priced family memberships are not included in this offer.


The Swarm at Thorpe Park

Best Tesco Clubcard Deals; Merlin Passes

A Merlin Pass gains you entry to Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, Warwick Castle and many more.  The standard Merlin Pass, (priced at £42.50 in clubcard vouchers),  is no longer as good value as in previous years due to the increased number of restrictions on use & the loss of the free parking perk.

However,  there are plenty of additional benefits available to passholders such as Early Ride Time at Alton Tower that is great for queue busting, 20% off food & drink at Merlin settings plus ride photography discounts too.

Should you wish to upgrade to a Premium Merlin Pass, this is possible by paying an additional £35 cash per person to enhance your Merlin benefits.  The main advantages of a Premium Merlin Pass is that it offers free parking at Merlin Attractions, (where paid parking fees are in place) plus unlimited use of the attractions, (with the exception of special events).

English Heritage Deals & Tesco Clubcard Vouchers

Best Tesco Clubcard Deals;English Heritage Annual Membership

The advantage with this deal is that adult membership gives you free entry for up to six  accompanying children (under 19) within your family group!  So for every £10 in clubcard vouchers, you will receive £30 towards an English Heritage Annual Pass, (membership priced at £47 an adult or joint adult£82)….bargain!!

Best Tesco Clubcard Deals; Blenheim Palace & Free Annual Upgrade

As with plenty of other days out deals, every £5 in Tesco clubcard vouchers will gain you £20 towards entrance charges. The great advantage is that if you purchase a day ticket at Blenheim Palace you can then exchange this for a full annual pass for this visitor attraction!

More details available at Tesco Clubcard Deals; Blenheim Palace.

Applause Annual Priority Membership – PLATINUM

If you want to a member of live TV audiences, (excludes BBC), platinum membership offers you 6 priority audience tickets per show.

Whilst TV tickets are free of charge, platinum membership guarantees entry,  (subject to availability per show), plus early entrance to the studio/venue before all normal ticket holders. This deal also gives you four times your value in clubcard vouchers, (£5 in tesco clubcard voucher is equivalent to 1 platinum membership worth £20).




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