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Passholder Perks At Alton Towers

Alton Towers Passholder Benefits

Alton Towers offer plenty of additional benefits to passholders that it’s worth being aware of.  Whilst some of the passholder benefits are pretty well known, we’ve uncovered a few lesser well known passholder perks too!

1. Alton Towers Passholders & Early Ride Time

Early Ride Time gives you an extra hour before the main opening times on selected rides & is available to passholders.  This is well worth having as, if used well, allows you to ride many of the main attractions with minimal queues.  More details available at Early Ride Time at Alton Towers.

2. Alton Towers Passholders Discounts & Golf Challenge

Whilst this passholder perk seems a little ambiguous, when asked we’ve been told the passholder perk offers you 24 golf balls for the price of 12.  Worth an ask at least!

Oblivion at Alton Towers

3. Alton Towers Passholders Discount & King 6 Trampolines

These giant trampolines, located close to Hex, are an additional cost attraction priced at £4 for 3 minutes.  If this is something you’ve always fancied, flash you Merlin/Theme Park pass and secure 2 people for the price of 1 or double time if you are on your own!

4. Alton Towers Passholders & Free Parking Perk

Both Premium Annual Passholders & Alton Towers Premium Annual Pashholders can take advantage of FREE parking at Alton Towers.  Unfortunately, neither the Standard Merlin Pass nor the Alton Towers Standard Annual Pass now come with free parking.

However, you only need one Premium Passholder per vehicle to receive free parking at Alton Towers.  It may therefore be worth upgrading one person per family/party for frequent visitors to Alton Towers as, with parking now at £6 per vehicle, it might be financially worth the upgrade.

Alton Towers Waterpark Deals

5. Alton Towers Passholders & Alton Towers Waterpark Discounts

If you have a Merlin Annual Pass, Merlin Premium Pass or a Theme Park Annual Pass, you can secure a 20% discount off Alton Towers Waterpark ticket prices.  Simply book in advance on 0871 222 9903.

6. Alton Towers Passholders & Ride Photography Savings

A photopass offers you 5 photos, magnets or keyrings  throughout Alton Towers for just £20.  What they tend not to advertise is that one photopass can be used throughout the season thus allowing you to visit at various times throughout the year and still make use of the one photopass!  Passholders can also take advantage of a 20% discount, thus making each photo, magnet or keyring just £4 each.

You can even combine a USB wristband with a photopass that works out even better value for money for passholders.  More details available at Alton Towers Ride Photography Deals.

7. Alton Towers Passholders & 20% Discounts on Food, Drink & Souvenirs

Always worth flashing your pass if you are paying out for anything at Alton Towers.  You can gain 20% discount on all refreshments & merchandise within Alton Towers outlets including;

  • Explorers Pizza & Pasta Buffet
  • Toys, sweets, drinks & souvenirs within Alton Towers outlets
  • Ice cream treats
  • Towers Family Restaurant & more

For more money saving ideas, check out our Tips to Beat the Queues at Alton Towers.






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