Alton Towers Ice Cream Made Using Liquid Nitrogen

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Alton Towers: Nitrogenie

Alton Towers  have gone to new lengths to offer theme park guests an out-of-this-world experience with ice cream made using liquid nitrogen! Whilst we like to let you know where the best Alton Towers 2 for 1 Vouchers & Discounts can be found, we’re always interested in new developments at the park. We popped along recently to Alton Towers to test out their latest spellbinding creation to see if it tasted as good as it looked, (more details below).

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Ice Cream from Liquid Nitrogen at Alton Towers

Nitrogenie at Alton Towers


Alton Towers; Liquid Nitrogen & Ice Cream

Located within Gloomy Wood at Alton Towers, this NEW taste sensation makes for an unusual pit stop around the theme park.  Liquid nitrogen has become a popular method to instantly freeze food & drink since Heston Blumenthal introduced his infamous bacon & egg ice-cream at his Berkshire restaurant. Whilst you’ll find more well known flavours at Nitrogenie, (try triple chocolate brownie or vanilla beanie), it is a sight to behold.

As the liquefied gas is added to the ice cream mixture, it cools rapidly to provide an almost instantaneous desert.  With dramatic effect, a cloud of vapour appears as the liquid rapidly boils away during the transformation which is fun to watch from the glass panelling surrounding the kiosk.  The end result is an ice cream with a very smooth texture that, whilst takes a little getting used to, definitely seemed to  go down a treat.

Whilst prices are relatively higher than your average Mr Whippy, remember passholders can still take advantage of a 20% discount.

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Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream at Alton Towers

Ice Cream Made Using Liquid Nitrogen

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