Alton Towers Fastrack Tickets

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Alton Towers Fastrack Tickets

For those looking to pack more into their day, then fastrack tickets can offer you a method to buy your way out of the queues at Alton Towers. Once you’ve picked up Discounted Tickets for Alton Towers it’s time to consider ways to reduce you queue times at the park. Whilst fastrack tickets are in addition to your entrance charges, there are a great range of options available to you that can be particularly beneficial on busy days, (see below for more details).

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Rita at Alton Towers

Alton Towers; Rita, (photo; Phil Loach)


1. Alton Towers; Fastrack Tickets Online

A fastrack ticket is in addition to your theme park entrance charge & can be purchased in conjunction with Alton Towers tickets.  Take advantage of savings on theme park tickets of more than £20pp when you book online where you can simply add a fastrack package that works for you.

2. Alton Towers Fastracks; On The Day

You can also pick up fastrack tickets from the Sales & Information team on the day of your park visit.  Opt for a fastrack package or simply select 1 or 2 fastrack one shots for some of the most popular rides & attractions.

3. Fastrack Tickets; One Shots

It can be worth investing in a Fastrack One Shots tickets for 1 or 2 of the more popular rides to pack more into your day. A selected solo fastrack for thrill rides such as Nemesis or The Smiler allows you more time to concentrate on the other main attractions at the park.   You can pick up Fastrack One Shots on the following attractions; Rita, Thirteen, Oblivion, Nemesis, Rapids, Runaway Mine Train, Sonic Spinball, Duel, Enterprise, Battle Galleons.

4. Alton Towers Fastrack Ticket; Prices

The cost of a fastrack ticket at Alton Towers depends upon the package you are looking to purchase. Fastrack tickets range from a Fastrack One Shot for just a few ££’s up to a Fastrack Gold priced at £60pp, that offers a fastrack on each of the main thrill rides. Look out for packages that includes the Fastrack Silver that offers 1 fastrack for each  for the big 6 thrill rides too.

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thirteen at alton towers

Alton Towers; Thirteen, (photo; Phil Loach)

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  1. i have been so many times to alton towers since the 1980’s, and usually had a good day. sadly now the cost of entry tickets, car parking and fast track means that you could have a week in Salou at Portaventura for less. a complete and utter rip off. only the rich can afford these costs.

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Mark, I have to agree that prices have significantly increased at Alton Towers over the years. However there are plenty of ways & means to keep the costs down on a trip to Alton Towers such as making use of a 2 for 1 vouchers, bringing your own lunch and following our tips to beat the queues to avoid the need for costly fastrack tickets.

  2. Neil Coles says:

    How can Alton towers justify these prices. If My family and I (2 adults and two teenage children)was to have a day out at the resort it would cost in total, including fasttrack tickets for all of us £568.60. This isn’t including food, parking and travel. So theoretically it would cost a family of 4 over £600 for a day out.

    • Hi Neil, whilst we are independent of Alton Towers, we do feel there are ways & means to bring these costs down by using 2 for 1 vouchers or online discounts on tickets. There are plenty of ways to reduce your queue times too without using costly fastrack tickets such as Early Ride Time, Single Rider Queues etc. Avoid food costs by bringing along a picnic that you can store at the park in a locker, (including drinks & snacks for the day). With a few easy steps you can reduce your costs quite substantially.

      • Terry storm says:

        Come on lzwash – I’ve just read all the “tips to best queues” and the only practical one for 90% of the average visitor is to take their own food – meaning cost doesn’t come down by much. Single rider – not practical if you go with your family/friends. Early Ride Time – only if you fit the very specific conditions – again not for the average person and also only for very few rides like CBeebies! As for 2 for 1 – it’s almost a reasonable suggestion but it’s actually not that great compared to standard purchases when you take account of online discounts. All in all – just like casinos – there’s only ever going to be one winner with the occasional lucky punter. Sorry Mr Aalton – your greed (which I can live with) is unfortunately at the expense of hard working decent families who struggle for months to save up for what should be a great day out for all to remember – sadly it also gets remembered for the bitter taste it leaves ???

        • Hi Terry, currently if you book 5 or more days in advance at Alton Towers you can pick up savings of up to 30% off gate prices. If you take advantage of a 2 for 1 voucher you can pick up savings of up to 50% off gate prices, (with a 2 for 1 voucher you pay for the higher priced ticket). Early Ride Time is open to all those that book online and currently offers entry to Oblivion, Enterprise & Spinball, (from 9.30am) and a selection of rides within Cbeebies Land. Single Rider is an option available to those visiting with friends & family but the choice is whether to queue and experience the rides with your party or take advantage of potentially shorter queues but have to slot in with those you don”t know.

  3. Alisonwright says:

    I think these fast track tickets are a right rip off! I used to love bringing my family to Alton Towers and staying in either of the two hotels. Unfortunately we now have to save up for about two months to visit now and we now are expected to find extra for fast track on top of high prices for entrance and food on the day:-(