Alton Towers; Does Anyone Ever Win A Car on the Golf Challenge?

August 1st, 2012 / Alton Towers, Staffordshire / 11 Comments »


Has anyone ever won a car on the Golf Challenge at Alton Towers?

Golf Challenge at Alton Towers

Alton Towers runs a golf challenge every season with a a hole in one winning you a brand new car.  Ever stopped to wonder if anyone ever won that car on their trip out to Alton Towers?

So far, there has been one lucky winner in 2012, 4 winners during the 2011 theme park season & a grand total of 22 winners in the past 5 years!

This year’s winner took place around the end of June but the first winner of 2011 made his/her stroke on the opening weekend of the season….which I imagine put Alton Towers into a panic!

The second winner picked up his car after a birthday trip to Alton Towers.  Not only did he walk away with a car, he hadn’t even paid for entrance to this popular theme park as he had scooped up his free tickets from the Sun!

Perhaps Topdogdays gave him the nod in the first place!  Know anythig of the other lucky winners, do let us know so we pass on their story.

There are some great photos of a number of the golf challenge winners available to view within the ticket kiosk.

Merlin Passholder Deal at the Gold Challenge at Alton Towers?

Whilst this passholder perk seems a little ambiguous, when asked we’ve been told the passholder perk offers you 24 golf balls for the price of 12.  Worth an ask at least!

Plenty of Alton Towers Deals available for 2012 and check out our Hints & Tips to Beat the Queues at Alton Towers too.


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  1. Hi
    I won it a few years ago
    No lights or alarm to say that i got it in..
    I returned my golf club after taking my 12 balls but I mentioned that I may have got it in, as my 6th ball landed on the green and disappeared. The girl at the kiosk said that if i think got it in to say so as she would need to get on the boat to check. I said go on check! I waited for her to find someone to cover her on the kiosk and she eventually got on a boat, on to the green and pulled a ball out. I was celebrating by that time. She got back and said not to celebrate to early as her manager has to come down and verify it a cctv. She mentioned that someone won already on the same day at 3pm, and no way there be 2 winners on one day. I asked before 2 today when was the last winner she replied 2 years ago or something.
    45 mins later 2 managers came down and looked at the cctv replay. 30 mins later they asked what was i doing here, i replied that i was practising my swing, as my first 2 balls were rubbish. Then i saw my 6th ball hit the green and just calmly rolled in, as if i hit the ball with enough back spin to slow the ball. Then they shook my hand and said congratulations you have won a brand new Peugeot 207. They said that i will be called back in with friend free of charge to collect my car, with photo session before the park closes for the winter. I was looking forward to that, but 3 months went getting close to the park closing, so i phoned the park they got Peugeot to call me and they eventually delivered the car beginning of January. But sad to say that “not even a call from Alton Towers” this was back in summer of 2007

    • Ken, what a great story. I can’t believe you kept hitting the golf balls after thinking one may have gone in! Must have been an amazing day to think you were there to ride coasters & thrill rides and end up leaving with the promise of a new car! Thanks for sharing.

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  3. It so,hard with they digs balls a used 4 then for bored so started aiming for the ducks 🙂 got 1 on the head a think a shock get a thumbs up for tht coz it was hard

  4. Mark Reeves says:

    * Mark Reeves

  5. mar reeves says:

    I was the last to get a hole in one on the 10th july and i never play golf i just liked the thought of hitting the balls into the lake and it actually went in. im going again aswell just for this game haha.

  6. Allan McEwan says:

    I actually won the car on the may weekend and im going down again this sunday 8th august to see if can win another one!lol:)

  7. I’ve not had a hole in one on a golf course, and I’ve certainly spent enough time there, so maybe I’d have more luck at Alton Towers. In fact, I could use Alton Towers as a practice range, flexing my 2010 Merlin Pass, with winning a car as an incentive for accuracy. I am guessing that there are either massive queues for this attraction or it costs extra. Can you give us any info on £ as you are a mine of information on these attractions and despite having a Merlin pass I am a bit of a novice.

    • Thanks for your comment about the golf challenge. Yes, unfortunately it is a paid attraction although the birthday boy who won the last car had his friend puchase his golfing balls for him! Costs about £2 for 3 balls or £5 for 12 balls and located close to the entrance of X-sector. Good luck with this one.