Warwick Castle; Parking Charges & Priority Parking

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Warwick Castle

There are now car parking charges in place at Warwick Castle for those planning a visit. For those looking to take advantage of online discounts by booking online you can also opt to purchase your car parking ticket as part of your online transaction.

Find out more information below on car parking charges at Warwick Castle including free parking options.


Scenic view from Warwick Castle

Warwick Castle, (photo; Phil Loach)


Parking Charges

Standard parking is charged at £6 a vehicle for the day with car parking tokens required to secure your exit from the grounds.  The standard car park is some distance from the grounds so you will need to make use of the pedestrian walkway to access the castle.

Top Tip; take advantage of the priority entrance during peak times that is located within the standard parking car park!

How Do You Pay For Parking at Warwick Castle?

For those booking online simply add your a car parking ticket as part of your order as you purchase tickets for Warwick Castle.  Alternatively, purchase a car parking token on the day of your visit from the car parking machines located by the main entrance/exit to Warwick Castle.

Top Tip; on busy days it can be worth purchasing your car parking token as you arrive at Warwick Castle to avoid the inevitable queues at the end of the day.


children playing at Warwick Castle

Having Fun at Warwick Castle, (photo; Phil Loach)


Free Parking Options at Warwick Castle?

Premium Passholders; can take advantage of FREE parking at Warwick Castle – simply flash your card at the ticket barriers as you leave the grounds.

Drop Off/Collection; there are free drop off/collection points available at Warwick Castle if you can arrange a lift.

Top Tip; the Sat Nav Postcode for Warwick Castle’s main car park is CV34 6AH.


Warwick Castle grounds

Inside the grounds of Warwick Castle, (photo; Phil Loach)


Warwick Castle Parking; Merlin Passholders

Standard Merlin Passholders; unfortunately now need to pay the standard car parking charges.

Premium Merlin Passholders; can take advantage of FREE standard parking by simply scanning your pass at the ticket barriers.

Priority Parking; both standard & premium passholders are required to pay the full parking charges when using the priority parking option.

If you are planning a trip why not follow our top tips for Warwick Castle to get the most from your day out.


costumed performances at Warwick Castle

Costumed characters at Warwick Castle, (photo; Phil Loach)


Warwick Castle & Priority Parking

Priority Parking is located at The Stables Pay & Display Car Park just off Castle Lane, (Sat Nav; CV34 4QU).  This small car park is located immediately next to the main Warwick Castle exit/entrance but you are paying extra for this perk, (£10 per day/part day).

Other Parking Options for Warwick Castle

Slightly cheaper car parking is available within the city, much of it not too far from Castle grounds.  However, particularly on busy days, these car parks can fill up early in the day.

Cheap Tickets for Warwick Castle

From 2 for 1 vouchers to cheap second day tickets, check out our Warwick Castle Deals for all the current promotions & special offers running.

Updated June 2015.


Warwick Castle at Dusk

Warwick Castle at Dusk, (photo; Phil Loach)


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