Top Tips For National Trust Gift Membership This Christmas

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National Trust Membership For Christmas

The great advantage with a National Trust Annual Membership is that it offers cash strapped families a free day out throughout the year – it’s hard to beat a Christmas present that keeps on giving throughout the year. Even better news is the family membership offer that includes up to TEN children that offers great value for money plus a great free parking perk! Follow our tips below to make the most from National Trust Gift Membership this Christmas.

To make a purchase go to National Trust Gift Membership.


Croft Castle National Trust

National Trust Croft Castle, (photo; Phil Loach)


Top Tips To Make The Most Of National Trust Gift Membership

1. NT Family Membership; Up To TEN Children For FREE!

The added advantage with the National Trust is that is includes up to 10 children, (5-17 years) within your family membership. You might not be aware that this includes both children and grandchildren plus remember that all children under 5 years go free of charge too!  Opt for either 1 adult family membership  or 2 adult family membership to allow for families of all shapes & sizes.  More information available at National Trust Gift Membership.

2. National Trust Membership; Free Parking

Annual membership also comes with some nifty extras including FREE PARKING at most NT car parks. The free parking perk is an absolute bonus as it is so often these hidden costs that can really mounts up over the years. With a quick nod to your valid National Trust car sticker, you can watch the savings rack up.

3. National Trust; Home & Away

Instead of sticking to the same few attractions, why not branch out & explore further with your annual membership. With 500+ NT settings to discover, don’t forget to pack your National Trust membership card when planning a trip away whether it be a family holiday or a short break to visit friends. From Northumberland to Cornwall there are plenty of options available to enjoy a day out on the cheap.

You can find more cheap ticket options within our Guide to National Trust Deals including FREE entry days & 2 for 1 offers.


natioanl trust hidcote garden gloucs

National Trust; Hidcote Garden, (photo; Phil Loach)


More National Trust Membership Top Tips

4. National Trust Handbook

Look out for the complimentary National Trust handbook that is packed with ideas to help you plan days out over the year – great when the inspiration dries up to try somewhere new.  You can also take advantage of free entry reciprocal arrangements in place for Scotland, Jersey or even Australia, (see below)

5. A National Trust Service Station?

The National Trust ran a great campaign a few years back to encourage you to use a NT setting as a service station when you’re on the move. Plenty of the NT sites are situated close to main trunk roads & offers you the chance to break your journey away from the hustle & bustle of busy services stations. Whilst you’re not going to be able to refuel, it is a chance to enjoy a breath of fresh air and quick visit to the cafe.

6. National Trust Reciprocal Arrangements

Did you know that as a National Trust member you are entitled to free visiting arrangements with 14 similar heritage organisations around the world. These include NT settings based in Scotland, Jersey, Isle of Man as well as further afield in Australia, Canada & Barbados. So for those planning a holiday, don’t forget to pack your NT membership card within your suitcase.

7. National Trust Membership; Free Binoculars

Did you know National Trust are currently running a membership offer that comes with a free pair of binoculars?  Whilst this is not available to those purchasing gift membership, it is a great freebie for those planning to join themselves!

More information available over at National Trust Membership; Deals & Discounts.



packwood house national trust

National Trust; Packwood House, (photo; Phil Loach)



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