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Eureka Children’s Museum

Eureka Children’s Museum is set in Halifax, Yorkshire & offers young children a fantastic range of interactive opportunities to play & learn.  Eureka has always been a firm favourite with us, particularly the role play areas for younger children that includes a mini M&S!

The All About Me Gallery is the latest addition with over 100 new exhibits & a price tag of £2.9 million to build.  We recently popped along to have a look.

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All About Me; The Best Bits

1. Complete Your Passport;  a novel way to explore your own body by measuring your stride, your reach, your height & how far you can step using the interactive measuring equipment that is sure to delight as children compare their measurements.

2. Show Your Age; load your own image, add a few/20 years & have a sneak preview of how you are going to look in the future…it may not be a pleasant surprise!

3. Atishoo; stick your head up a giant nose & wait for it to sneeze.  It may sounds gross but kids will love it of course.

4. Role Play Health Centre; play at being doctors, nurses or dentists complete with bandages, dentist chairs & reception areas.  Not quite up to the standard of other role play areas at Eureka but adequate to give children a chance to play around.

 5. Zoom; the new interactive robot that talks back to you…how do they do this!




Money Saving Tips for Eureka!

1. Eureka! is a popular destination especially half terms & wet days in other school holidays.  If you can buck the trend and visit on a better weather day it might just be worth it…or try a teacher training day.

2. Whilst parking charges are in place 7 days a week at Eureka’s car park, there are plenty of other parking facilities close-by that offer free parking on a Sunday.

3. During busy times, there are two distinct queues for entry in Eureka; one for those with annual passes & tickets booked online & the other for everybody else.  It makes sense that those with already processed tickets will move faster so consider booking online if you are planning to visit during busy times.

4. There is no ‘one-way-round’ at Eureka!  It can be worth an initial wander around the galleries until you find an area that is less busy.

5. Check to see if the Gift Shop Happy Hour is still running on the day of your visit that offers 10% off all purchases, (excluding books), if you buy before 11am.

6. Picnics are welcome at Eureka! and will not only save you money on a day out but will help you avoid the queues at the cafe on busy days.  Indoor picnic areas can be found within the mini-town, (next to Halifax Bank) & within a heated train carriage close to the barefoot walk.  There is plenty of outdoor areas too on warmer days.

6. More information available from Eureka! National Children’s Museum.


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By Liz Walsh

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