Shrek’s Adventure! London; Tried & Tested Review

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What is Shrek’s Adventure! London?

Set on the banks of the River Thames next to the London Eye, Shrek’s Adventure! London is ideally placed for visitors to enjoy an immersive adventure into the world of Shrek, Donkey & Princess Fiona.  Shrek fans everywhere can expect a whirlwind journey meeting this lovable green orgre & other Dreamworks characters along the way so we thought it was time to pop along to take a look, (more details below).

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Shrek's Adventure characters on the south bank

Shrek’s Advenure! London on the South Bank


Shrek’s Adventure! London; Tried & Tested

It can be hard from the outside to determine exactly what Shrek’s Adventure! London is all about so it was time to head in & find out. Billed as an ‘indoor walk & ride attraction’ this fully immersive experience takes you into the world of Shrek, Donkey & Princess Fiona as YOU help to solve a mystery to secure your own freedom!  Packed with themed live characters, this attraction actively encourages audience participation as you move between the 10 interactive shows.

This quick paced journey starts with a 4D cinema experience that provides you with an incredible physical & visual experience of a magical bus ride into Far Far Away.  I have to say the optical illusions within this piece of wizardry are simply breathtaking and sets the scene for the evolving story themed around Shrek’s adventures, (minimum height restriction in place for the bus tour with detours in place to  the live shows).  Once you leave the 4D bus ride you set off upon a magical journey helped along the course by live themed characters

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Shrek's Adventure London


Shrek’s Adventure! London; Live Experiences

With 10 live shows along your route, you are actively encouraged to participate with the plethora of themed characters that bring Shrek’s adventure alive before your eyes. Each show lasts about 6/7 minutes and offers you a different task to complete whether it be an interactive quiz show, a physic reading or a mirror maze.  You’ll quickly find yourself participating in magic spells or merrily singing along with Shrek themed characters without batting an eye, (and we don’t just mean the kids), to help secure your freedom.  This immersive storytelling engages children of all ages as they happily move from show to show as they begin to solve their own plight.

For the bulk of your journey, you’ll be moving around the attraction in small groups of no more than 40 people where tours last for approximately 1 hour & 15 minutes in duration. Freedom brings its own treats as you’ll be able to enjoy a range of interactive Shrek themed activities as well as the chance to meet & greet characters from Shrek &/or other Dreamworks films.  In this area you can happily snap away your own images to your hearts delight for those not wanting to invest in the in-house photography options

Shrek’s Adventure! London; Our Verdict?

A must for Shrek fans all over the world! Keep an eye out for discounted London Eye/Shrek combi ticket options for those planning to visit both attractions.

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outside shot of Shrek's Adventure on the south bank in London

Shrek’s Adventure! London

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