2 Free Tickets For Shrek’s Adventure! London with The Sun

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This deal has now expired but you can follow our guide to Cheap Tickets for Shrek’s Adventure! London packed with 2 for 1 vouchers, joint tickets deals and plenty of tips & tricks to make the most of your visit.

2 Free Tickets to Shrek’s Adventure! London, (now expired)

Here’s a chance to pick up 2 FREE tickets to Shrek’s Adventure! London with this newspaper promotion running in the Sun.  Simply collect the required number of tokens and follow the application process to the letter to enjoy a complementary visit during 2017, (more details below).


Shrek's Adventure characters on the south bank

Shrek’s Advenure! London on the South Bank


2 Free Tickets to Shrek’s Adventure! London

Simply collect 10 differently numbered tokens that will be printed in the Sun between 9 & 26 April 2017. You will need to complete an application form and provide possible dates within a range of date bands. The application form will be printed in the paper as well as available to download for a limited period of time.  Applications must be received by 8 May 2017.

Each application must include;

  • The required number of valid tokens from The Sun.
  • Each tokens must be differently numbered.
  • List all 5 band dates for your application to be processed.
  • A completed application form.
  • A list of 5 band dates on the bottom right-hand corner of the front of the envelope.
  • Select your preferred way of receiving your tickets, (e-ticket or by post).

Shrek’s Adventure! London; FREE Ticket Offer

Plenty have asked but worth being aware from the start that tickets are non-transferable.

Whilst this paper-based offer does not allow you to select the actual date you would like to visit the park, you can select from a range of possible date bands. If you are successful in your application you will be allocated non-transferable tickets for a particular date within one of these date bands. This deal works well for those that can remain flexible with their dates but for those that need to plan for a particular day, you may wish to consider other options such are combined ticket options, 2 for 1 vouchers or online savings. Please note tickets are subject to availability and allocated on a first come first served basis.

 Look out for plenty of other cheap ticket options for Shrek’s Adventure! London including 2 for 1 vouchers and online promotions.


Shrek's Adventure London


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  1. diane johnson says:

    my tickets were wanted for later in the year, really disappointed, can not believe they have all gone, this not an code was up till oct how can they be all gone.

    • Hi Diane, whilst we are not involved in the running of this free ticket offer to Shrek, we are aware that there are only a limited number of free tickets available for each Merlin Attraction offer in the Sun that are provided on a first-come-first-served basis. Sorry this has not worked out for you this year:(

  2. peter rowbotham says:

    Have just read the comments of people on this site who like us have received our ‘unique code’ at the end of May (Ours was with us on 24th May) only to now find out the site is non existent for applications for free tickets and buying the paper and saving was a complete waste of time.
    The Sun needs to sort out these ‘Offers’ so that the true loyal readers do not get conned over and over again – a really poor show and one that leaves a bad taste about the great offers they
    put on.
    Totally fed up – only good news today is that idiot Corbyn lost out.

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Peter, sorry to hear you’ve had such a difficult time in this free ticket offer. Unfortunately topdogdays is not involved in the running of this offer, (we simply let you know where the deals are) but good to know that our readers can see the feedback on this offer for next year.

  3. I have tried to redeem tickets but the site seems to only have 2 for 1 tickets not 2 free ones with code

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Brian, whilst we are not involved in the running of this free ticket offer, (we simply let you know where the deals are running), we are hearing from other visitors that they too are experiencing problems with availability too:(

  4. e barton says:

    have the sun two free tickets for shrek from the 1/6/17 all gone

  5. arion kember says:


    • Hi, sorry to hear that. Unfortunately the free ticket offer to Shrek’s Adventure has now finished for this year but look out for this promotion running again next year.

  6. this is the second time the sun has offers it can not for fill ITS ALL A BIG CON

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi, whilst we at Topdogdays are not involved in the running of these free ticket offers, (we just let you know where the deals are running), I understand that there is only limited number of free tickets available on a first-come-first-served basis to successful applicants. Sorry to hear this hasn’t worked out for you this time.

  7. Mrs Dury says:

    how can we book tickets when we did not receive the booking information until the 22nd May and offer closed on the 8th May according to your web site info.