Avenue Verte; Rather Your Bottom Than Mine

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London To Paris Avenue Verte

“Rather your bottom than mine” were my brother’s parting remarks as we left London Eye for Paris yesterday.

Having navigated our way to London Eye, I can’t say there was an abundance of cyclists with the same idea…in fact I can’t say we actually saw anyone else at the starting landmark in the 90 minutes it took us to meet up & sort. Come to that, second day on, we’ve only seen one possible candidate that may have been going Paris to London during our travels so far….perhaps they know something I do not!


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The first 30 miles were surprisingly traffic free considering we were starting from central London. Saying that, if you were taking children, they certainly need to be cycle road savvy before you contemplate this route with the family.

So after the initial 5 miles in busy London, we found ourselves on Clapham Common and soon after rolling countryside, village cricket matches & disused railway track…bliss! Well bliss until the route took a surprising turn to the South Terminal of Gatwick Airport. Yes, the official route took us through Gatwick & directly under the flight path making for a surreal 15 minutes.


Day one completed, it’s time for a brew or perhaps something stronger to ensure the derrière remains intact!

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By Liz Walsh

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