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Strictly Come Dancing Tickets 2017, (now expired)

Ever wanted to be in the audience of the popular TV BBC series Strictly Come Dancing?  With the 2017 Strictly series soon to kick off, you can now apply for FREE tickets to be in the audience.  Registration is now open until 4pm on Thursday 7 September 2017, (find out more information on how to apply for tickets below).


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Strictly 2017 Ballot; How To Enter

To be in with a chance, simply register for the BBC free draw with dates available from 15 September through until 16 December 2017.   You can apply for up to 2 tickets per household and, should you be successful in receiving tickets in the draw, you will be excluded from receiving any other tickets for this series.  Please note you must 14 years or over to take advantage of this free ticket offer and under 18’s must be accompanied by an adult. Remember that tickets are strictly non-transferable for this 15th series of Strictly.

To apply for free tickets go to BBC Strictly Ticket Ballot.

Good luck!


By Liz Walsh


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  1. Anthony Newdeck says:

    Is the ballot for 2018 Strictly tickets due mid August. If so, how do I get included in the ballot.

    Thank you Regards

    A M Newdeck

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Yes each year the ballot tends to open during the month of August for the new Strictly series. Once the ballot is open you can enter your details and hope your name comes up in the draw. Good luck, Liz

  2. kathleen O'Connor says:

    I would like to apply for three tickets to be in the audience in Strictly Come Dancing.

  3. Anthony Newdeck says:

    Cannot sort out from this web site just how I apply for the Strictly tickets. Seems a bit of a muddle.
    I would of course like to apply for the tickets.


    A M Newdeck

    • Hi Anthony, thanks for the feedback – we’ve now tried to simplify & update the information to help you apply for Strictly tickets 2017. Good luck, Liz

  4. Sue Barnard says:

    Morning, just wanted to know when to try and apply for audience tickets for the 2017 series. Many thanks

    • Hi Sue, the ballot for tickets to be in the audience for the main 2017 Strictly series has not opened yet but keep your eyes peeled as this tends to go live at the end of August each year. Good luck:)

  5. Mingming Su says:

    Good chance to go.

  6. A M Newdeck says:

    I would like 2 tickets for the 2017 shows starting in September 2017. When will the ballot be as I would not like to miss the opportunity of being included?


    A M Newdeck

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      The ballot for Strictly tickets usually opens mid-August each year, fingers crossed for you:)

      • A M Newdeck says:

        I do not really wish to be in the ballot for the opening show but would like to be included for shows in October. When will the applications for this Month be balloted?


        A M N

        • Hi, unfortunately the ballot for the launch show has now closed but keep checking back for the ballot to be in the audience for the 2017 Strictly series. This usually goes live during the second part of August each year.

  7. Frances O'Neill says:

    I will reach my 70th Birthday in 2017 and it would be a dream come true for me to secure 2 tickets for the live Blackpool Strictly Come Dancing show. Should my application be successful my daughter Arlene will travel from Ireland to attend this wonderful event with me. Trusting you will consider my application.

    • Hi Frances, unfortunately there is a ballot application process in place for Strictly tickets. Whilst this has now closed for the 2016 Strictly series, we’ll be updating this post with more details as the ballot goes live for 2017, (usually during the summer months).

  8. i have never missed strickly i find it so tallented to learn what they acheive in just one week and would love to see it live

    • Hi Roy, unfortunately the ballot has closed to apply for free strictly tickets for the 2016 season. We’ll uodate with more details when the ballot opens for 2017. All the best, Liz

  9. Jenny poynter says:

    I have applied for tickets since Strictly began and as an ex dancer I would love to see the show live.

  10. Danny Doyle says:

    Could you let me know when tickets are available for the 2016 television shows?
    Thank you

    • Hi Danny, we’ll be updating this article with more information as it comes in but best to sign up to our email newsletter to ensure you don’t miss out on any new information coming in on Strictly Come Dancing free tickets. You can sign up over on our Email Newsletter Subscribe page.

  11. Mandy Darlow says:

    Please could you find for me two tickets to see the strictly dancers – I would be forever grateful as they are for my cousin who has health problems and it would make her day – thank you so much

    • Hi Mandy, unfortunately the ballot for Strictly tickets has now closed for 2015 but worth looking out around September time next year to enter the 2016 Strictly ballot.

  12. Mandy Darlow says:

    It’s my 50th Birthday on Friday 2nd October and I’d love to have a seat so I could see strictly come dancing live this year. It would be a dream come true and set me up for my twilight years and if you could spare two tickets I would take my cousin who is a ballroom fanatic suffering from M E.

    Thank you in advance for making my dream a reality

    Mandy Darlow

  13. Please put myself and my son forward for two tickets. My son is a trained ballroom and latin dancer he is currently an ents manager at pontins. He currently teaches ballroom and latin every day and entertains a packed venue with his strictly musical show. If would be a real treat for him to have a night off and enjoy this fantastic show.

    • Hi Joanne, sounds like your son would certainly enjoy it – unfortunately we are not involved in the running of this ballot, (we just point you in the right direction), but good luck when applying for tickets.

  14. Claire woodcock says:

    Best programme on television nothing better in the dark and cold nights than watching the dancing with friends never miss it makes the weekend and would love to watch them live it would be a fantastic night

  15. Hi

    I have been a dancer all my life and have watched this show religiously every year., I am a massive fan and would dearly love a pair of tickets for the premiere or any of the other shows.

    Kind regards

    Lyn Usher

    • Hi Lyn, unfortunately the ballot for the Strictly Premiere event has now closed but more details to follow when the ballot opens for the 2015 Strictly series:)

  16. william anderson says:

    i would love to win tickets for my wife and daughter to say thank them for being such a wonderful wife and daughter they are massive fans of the show

  17. Jane thomson says:

    Please consider my mum and myself for tickets to the show, my mum is 90 and had always dreamed of being a dancer when she was young. But life didn’t allow. Her evenings watching the show, transports her to her younger days of dance halls and memories, priceless tunes, Thankyou Jane Thomson

    • Hi Jane, good luck with your Strictly ballot entry. Unfortunately Topdogdays is not involved in the running of this offer, (we just let you know where the deals are), but fingers crossed for you:)

  18. Claire Simpson says:

    My partner loves tho show he has been an absolute rock for me and my family I would love to surprise him and treat him..he would adore being in the audience

    • Hi Claire, unfortunately we’re not involved in the running of this offer but worth entering the free ballot to see if you can pick up free tickets to the Premiere of Strictly Come Dancing. Good luck:)