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Free Tickets To Be In The Audience For TV Shows

Here’s a great way to enjoy your favourite TV shows by enjoying a live performance for free.  You can pick up FREE tickets to many TV & radio shows across the entertainment spectrum that offers a great day out at a budget cost.  We put this to the test recently to see how this works in practice plus a few top tips & hints to get you started.

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Free Ticket To TV Shows


Free Tickets Sites For TV Audiences

The first thing you will need to do is sign up for free with the main TV audience ticket sites.  There are a range of sites offering free tickets for TV & radio shows so if you’ve a particular show in mind, it’s worth doing a bit of investigative work upfront.  Each site covers a variety of entertainment from children’s shows, comedy, music, topical news shows & sport.  You can find more information on the the main ticket sites below;

Applause Store; apply for tickets for TV shows show such as The X Factor, Michael McIntyre’s Big Show & Britain’s Got Talent.

SRO Audiences; including shows like The Graham Norton Show, Bake Off, Loose Women & Live At The Apollo.

BBC Shows; apply for popular shows such as Strictly Come Dancing, Front Row, Woman’s Hour & A Question of Sport.

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Cheap Cinema Tickets


TV Show Tickets; Tried & Tested

If you are looking to see a popular show you will need to be pro-active in your search, taking note of deadline dates and ballot entry draws.  Generally it seems to be down to luck and good fortune whether you are successful in receiving free ticket to these shows although we’ve a few top tips below that may come in handy!

Alternatively, await for emails to come through to you for lesser known shows where crews are keen to fill up seats.  You’ve a much better chance of picking up tickets for those that are willing to be flexible.  We did just this when we saw an email come through from SRO Audiences regarding Channel 4’s Child Genesis TV programme that was running during our half term break.  Having successfully applied & received our free tickets to the show, we put plans in place for a budget break to London.

Whilst ticket allocation does not necessarily guarantee entry, worth taking note of entry timings so you can be ahead of the queues, (we arrived at the allotted time only to find we were practically the last in).  We quickly learnt that it pays to be early!  We received plenty of information in advance of our visit including suggestions of what to wear, refreshments, timings & available facilities.

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Queuing for TV Audience Tickets


TV Audience Participation

The great advantage with watching a live TV show is not only do you see your favourite celebrities up front & personal but you gain a great understanding of how a programme is put together.  Being asked to clap at random moments or look towards contestants that are not there can seem a little strange at first but it’s all part of the fun.  As you witness presenters fluff their lines whilst you comply with requests to move around to give the impression of a packed audience, you begin to see how managed the end result can be.  Of course, you may also see yourself on TV!

I have to say we loved our experience and it’s certainly a great way to enjoy an afternoon out on a budget.

Top Tips For Free TV Ticket Allocations

1. Look out for priority ticket offers for those attending a lesser known show where filming crews are keen to attract an audience.  This can ease your way into the ticket allocation for more popular shows.

2. Keep an eye out for minimum age requirements for those looking to take the family as well as filming locations.

3. Take a note of opening times for your selected show and aim to arrive in good time, (particularly for those looking to attend popular shows), as tickets do not guarantee entry.

4. Whilst TV audience tickets do not guarantee entry, if you are unlucky enough to be turned away on the day, more often than not you will be issued with priority tickets for another day.

5. Consider joining the Applause Priority Club that offers a limited number of priority tickets, (subject to availability), although there is an additional charge for this service.

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