SnowDome, Tamworth Discount Vouchers

July 26th, 2010 / SnowDome, Staffordshire / 6 Comments »

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  1. Hello I was wondering if you are still doin the buy one get one free vouchers for ice skating in January? Thank you

    • Jade, unfortunately we do not run the offers, (we just let you know where the offers can be found). However, it’s always worth signing up for the mailing list at the SnowDome as they do offer some great deals throughout the year including ice-skating. Whilst these offers tend to run off peak, they can offer substantial worth keeping an eye out.

  2. Hi we are looking to bring our 2 grandchildren to the snowdome and are interested in the recreational 3 hour session, is there any discount vouchers for this, we are coming in March. Thank you.

    • Thanks for getting in touch regarding the recreational 3 hour session. The SnowDome have historically sent out discount vouchers for off peak times, (usually around May/June time each year) that substantially reduce the recreational 3 hour charges. Unfortunately, this won’t help you in March as this is deemed ‘in season’ and not aware of any other discount vouchers available at this time. There is the thrill hopper ticket but this only relates to adrenaline tubing or tobogganing at the SnowDome. Worth getting on the SnowDome’s mailing list if you do think you may visit again out of season.

  3. hi is it possible to be sent these vouchers to give he place a try?

    • Unfortunately, these vouchers have now expired! The SnowDome tend to send these out of seson, (May to July time) so worth putting your name down for the SnowDome’s mailing list for next year! Thanks for getting in touch.