Legoland Discovery Centre & Tips To Beat the Queues

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Legoland Discovery Centre

Legoland Discovery Centre is a popular Manchester visitor attraction ideally located within the Trafford Centre.

We recently took up the invitation to test out their new ride, Merlin’s Apprentice, and discovered a few nifty tips to beat the queues & save money at the same time.

Our two 8 year old testers had a fine old time exploring this attraction with plenty to keep them occupied for 3 to 4 hours.  Whilst neither of our testers admitted a passion for lego at home, they eagerly threw themselves into each area.

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Lego Races at LDC

LDC: Key to Success?

The key to Legoland Discovery Centre’s success is it’s focus upon child interactivity; even the rides require the children to get involved.  The new ride, Merlin’s Apprentice, works off the children peddling to gain height and our testers loved it!  Prepare to be shattered if you want to try this one yourself a few times though.

Lego Racers were a firm favourite with our testers where you build and race your lego creations. As you can see above you don’t need to create a Formula 1 vehicle when four tyres will do the trick..and won on this occasion.

To get the best out of your day you will want to avoid the queues so we’ve put together a few tips to help you out.



Oblivion at Legoland Discovery Centre

Beat the Queues at Legoland Discovery Centre; Get There Early.

Nothing works better than an early start to beat the queues and this is one to try at Legoland Discovery Centre. In fact I discovered they open the doors about 15 minutes before the official opening time to start moving people through.

The biggest bottle neck is as you arrive; queuing for tickets, accessing the lift to the attraction and making your way through the factory tour. To keep these queues to a minimum you would be wise to either avoid peak times or ensure you arrive early!

If you pre-book tickets online, you will be guaranteed a time slot for entry into the setting.

Legoland Discovery Centre state that, on average, customers wait 20 minutes to access the setting with pre-booked tickets.

However with pre-booked entry slots, do strive to arrive on time to ensure hassle-free access.

Beat the Queues at Legoland Discovery Centre; turn left and keep going!

If the queue is already building for the Kingdom Quest ride as you leave the factory tour, give it a skip until later. Instead, as you exit the factory tour, turn left into the main arena, signposted Miniland. This gives you free range to the busiest areas of the attraction before the queues arrive!

As Miniland never becomes too busy, save it for later and make your way directly to the most popular areas; Lego Racers, Merlin’s Apprentice & The Model Builder’s Workshops.


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Beat the Queues at Legoland Discovery Centre; Save Until Later

Good capacity areas include the 4D Theatre, Miniland & Fire Academy so you can save these areas up for the busier times.  Even the Master Model Builder Workshop, whilst it only has a capacity for 15 at any one time, it does run every half an hour during peak times so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for a go.

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Money Saving Tips for Legoland Discovery Centre; Refreshments

Picnics may not be actively encouraged but you’ll find you are not the only one packing a sandwich to keep the costs down. There are tables by the cafe or try the waiting area outside the Lego Studios if you don’t mind the floor.

Children’s lunch boxes are reasonably priced & remember your 20% off if you have annual pass.  The great thing is the cafe is central to the attraction so you can catch a coffee and keep an eye on the kids at the same time!

Legoland Discovery Centre; Sat Nav & Parking

Great to see that parking is FREE for Legoland Discovery Centre.  The closest car park with The Trafford Centre is located within Barton Square.

Postcode for Sat Nav; M17 8AS

Beat the Queues at LDC

Something Querky at Legoland Discovery Centre

Try the pick ‘n’ mix with a difference at the gift shop. Select your own lego pieces from an impressive array of lego in all shapes, sizes & colours. Priced at £5 for 100grams although remember your 10% discount off all shop prices for pass holders.

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Tips to Beat the Queues at Legoland Windsor
By Liz Walsh

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