Free Cinema Preview Tickets

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Free Cinema Preview Tickets

Here’s is a great way to catch a movie BEFORE it’s released to the public plus showings are FREE of charge!

Simply join a ticketing preview site, such as ShowFilmFirst, and enjoy a trip to the cinema for free.  There are no membership or sign up charges,  just look out for emails coming through with preview offers for free tickets to your local cinema. Films tend to run at off peak times, such as Sunday mornings or Tuesday evenings, and you need to be quick to use the screening code to confirm you tickets.

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Top Tips for Cinema Preview Tickets

1. Be Patient

Email notifications will only come through from time to time.  There are literally thousands of people on ticketing preview sites and only a select number will receive an email for each preview show.  Preview tickets will be released to those that fit the movie’s target audience, (age, location, gender), with tickets limited in each geographical area.

2. Move Quickly

When you do receive an email notification, you will need to respond quickly as tickets for each show are limited.  Simply follow the instructions as set out in your email and book for your local cinema.

3. Be Flexible

Preview screenings tend to run at non-peak times such as early weekend mornings or early mid week evenings; remember these are free!  Generally you won’t be given too much notice of screenings taking place so this deal best suits those that can take a flexible & responsive approach to catching a movie.

4. Turn Up

You’ be surprised at the number of people that book free screenings and then don’t turn up.  If your plans change, there is a quick & easy way to return tickets online that subsequently allows someone else to take advantage of these free tickets.

5. Provide Feedback

Often you will be asked to provide feedback on the movie you have watched; it’s a simple form & doesn’t take long to complete.  In our book, giving some constructive feedback seems a small price to pay for a free movie screening!

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  1. kostadinka chavdarova says:

    I love cinema

    • Hi Amy, it certainly is a good deal. I’ve picked up free tickets a number of times both for the cinema & my local theatre with this preview offer so certainly worth signing up:)

  2. Debbie Brown says:

    Please keep my updated on free previews in my area, cinemas to consider are, vue, cramlington, odeon, Gateshead metro centre and silver link, empire Newcastle.

    • Hi Debbie, unfortunately Topdogdays does not run the free ticket preview offer, we just let you know where the deals are running. If you sign up with a preview site, (you’ll find a link within the article), they will let you know when tickets become available in your area. Good luck:)