Does Odeon Limitless Offer Value For Money?

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Odeon Limitless

Odeon Cinemas have recently announced a monthly subscription scheme that offers unlimited movies during a 12 month period.  For serious movie buffs this can offer value for money for those that intend to visit the cinema on a regular basis but is this deal for you?  We’ve put together some pointers to keep in mind when deciding if Odeon Limitless offers you the best savings?

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Odeon Limitless; Frequency

The crux of this deal lies in how often you are likely to visit your local cinema.

It can be worth undertaking a quick calculation as to how often you currently visit your local cinema.  Try to work this out over a 12 month period rather than over the last month so you can take account of monthly variations such as holidays & Christmas celebrations.  Cinema ticket prices vary from region to region with popular movies now coming with a blockbuster uplift but try to calculate your average monthly spend to date on cinema tickets.

Of course this deal offers you the chance to increase the number of movies you see each month so consider current commitments on your time, (gym membership, family time, work commitments) to see if this scheme could increase your viewing time.

Odeon Limitless; Location

Whilst the whole point of these membership schemes is to tie your viewing into a select cinema chain, it’s worth considering additional costs & benefits associated with each venue.

An obvious place to start I know, but clearly if you don’t live within easy reach of an Odeon cinema then you are unlikely to make best value of this offer.  Whilst you’re probably never too far from an Odeon Cinema, (there are over 120 Odeon cinemas around the UK), many of us now have a choice of cinema venues.

Take into account travel costs & car parking fees that are often forgotten – maybe one cinema offers free parking or discounted charges after 6pm whereas another charges full price?  Consider comfort, screen size, sound system as well as variance in cinema ticket prices.

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Cheap Tickets to the Movies

Cheap Tickets to the Movies


Odeon Limitless; Concessions & Child Tickets

Odeon Limitless does not offer any concessions on membership prices including family, student/teenager or senior discounted rates.

If you are currently enjoying concessionary rates on cinema tickets anticipated savings per visit will be less than those already purchasing standard rate tickets.  Whilst you can combine your Limitless card with purchasing child cinema tickets, it is worth considering age requirements for child tickets at different cinemas.   Discounted child tickets vary between cinema chains and whereas Odeon offers child tickets for those 12 years & under at Cineworld child tickets are valid for those 14 years and under.

Odeon Limitless; Extra! Extra!

Look out for added extras with Odeon Limitless that can have a significant impact upon costings over the year.

For those that prefer 3D movies, it is worth noting that an added charge is incurred for both for the movie and any glasses required.  Like your added comfort at the cinema?  Worth remembering that Odeon Limitless is restricted to standard seating so you will also incur added costs for premier seating.  Odeon Limitless also excludes special events & all screenings at the BFI Imax & The Lounge at Whiteleys.

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LEGOLAND Windsor Miniland


Odeon Limitless; London

There are 2 Odeon Limitless pricing bands available depending upon whether you wish to include/exclude central London cinemas.  Your cheaper membership excludes central London cinemas and is currently priced at £17.99 a month.  However for those living/working in London you’ll be looking at the more expensive membership of £19.99 that includes the central London cinemas.

Top Tip; always worth double checking whether your local cinema is included within the ‘central London’ category or comes under the standard membership.

Odeon Limitless; Locked In

Whilst you can use your card at other Odeon cinemas around the UK, (exclusions apply), for those more likely to move around such as students it is worth noting that the minimum membership period is 12 months.  You can either pay by monthly direct debit or a make a full 12 month upfront payment that comes with a 5% discount off monthly membership prices.

Consider your future plans over the coming year taking account of any extended trips away that will reduce any savings you are likely to make.

Other Cinema Deals?

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  1. margaret hickey says:

    Hi no its not good value odeon are charging extra 9 pounds administration fee for not paying every 28 days its outrageous i have had a problem to use my card at odeon l1 on 28 April was told its blocked. i request to pay by debit card over the phone odeon need to makes changes or people wont join it thanks

  2. margaret hickey says:

    hi i am very dissapointed with odeon limitless i go to the cenima in Liverpool 1 every day when i joined 2 months ago i thought its good because my monthly payment was not in my bank account at the same date each month for direct debit harlands sent me a letter requesting me to pay extra 9 pound adminsteration fee i have written a letter to them and told them its outrageous its not good value at all i paid by another method with my debit card over the phone on the 8th of April when i went to use my odeon card at Liverpool 1 i was told its blocked that was on 28 of April the manager of odeon l1 has made a note of it about the extra charges to customers he said he didn’t know this the date of my next payment wasn’t due until the 5th of may i did not get to view any more movies because of this people get paid different times its impossible to have the payment taken out every 28 days odeon needs to change this or people will not join.

    • Top Dog Days
      lizwalsh says:

      Hi Margaret, I’m sorry to hear you are having problems with the Odeon Limitless Offer. Whilst we at Topdogdays are not involved in the running of this offer, (we just let you know where the deals are), we appreciate your feedback on this offer & we’ll be keeping an ear out to hear how other customers are finding this cinema offer. In terms of your specific issue, I think you would be best contacting Odeon directly to discuss this matter further. I hope matters are resolved quickly, Liz